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  1. DNP protocol/ cycle log

    Im in a 1500 cal defecit mate, down 4lbs from starting dnp. Just kept carbs in as per this thread, most days are 180 ish - i read a few articles that say you get the same results carbs or not ? I have fats lower around 2000kcal. On 50mcg T3 & low dose test too not worried about losing muscle. No real cravings as of yet feel too hot to eat
  2. Well it is fact on the mathematical side but if you split a pill down who knows what you get. Does adex have any bulking agent ? From what i gather they are supposed to be took as full pill, only split up for bb use.
  3. Pendantic c**t. Not worth posting on here these days full of trolls
  4. Using DNP

    Whats his bodyfat like has it gone back up to pre dnp ?
  5. In theory half a tab 0.5mg. qtr 0.25mg. I have no idea how much filler the tabs have (if any ?)
  6. DNP protocol/ cycle log

    In for replys. Im on day 6 of 250mg - my strength is not too bad - still 80% of normal, struggling to catch my breath after a set though. Going to rough it out a few more days - still undecided if to carb up or not after as currently around 200g on training days.
  7. Using DNP

    On 250mg at the moment 6 days in. Hot and out of breath easily, walking up the stairs is a chore - dont feel like i can do any cardio so have skipped it this week. If you do a desk job then get a fan. If its hard labour have 5 days off work on the sick self cert ! On the plus side the fat loss is far far better than anything else i have tried. I reckon a weeks worth is the equivalent of 8 weeks cardio/diet/t3 & Clen. Its the fast way to diet not the easy way though - no way is easy imo
  8. Pain in pad of hand

    I still have the pain on and off when heavy pressing. Training partner has it now too
  9. Tren - cant do it.

    Thats what i was thinking - years of reccys no issues - bit of tren e on its own and its sending me off the rails ! Could not believe it lol back to normal after a month or so off
  10. Tren - cant do it.

    Total opposite for me, i can do 750mg of deca no issues but 200mg tren e blows my head off
  11. Whats superdrol like for gyno ? Can you get it under control easily or is it like oxys which seems to be hard to control
  12. Tren - cant do it.

    Tren was slowly sending me crackers a couple of months ago, said I would never take it again but i keep thinking about getting back on for summer as the gains were awesome. Never had a problem with the rip blends just tren e on its own, might bang some mast in and see what happens ??
  13. weekly food bill

    £50 a week max at the moment as bulking. Less when cutting
  14. 250mg test & as much tren as you can mentally handle. Add an oral of choice and its all systems go.
  15. Everybody bangs it in around here. My first cycle was 2ml t400 a week with 2ml boldenone, blew up like a balloon lol.