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  1. Drol/dbol & stanabol cycle would usually end up with gyno for the inexperienced
  2. New SG

    Using the SG dbol at the moment, no complaints strength going up as per any other dbol ive used in the past.
  3. Arimidex or Letro?

    Letro is the big gun of a.i's. Hard to find the sweet spot if you have never used it before.
  4. Dnp on a cruise

    Not much about but picked up some yellow magic, seems ok doing exactly what dnp does. Cant decide whether to try and blow up a bit on the rebound as never tried it before, or just add carbs gradually as usual
  5. Dnp on a cruise

    Cruising at the moment and dropped a 2 week run of dnp in @250mg a day, about half way through and the weight is dropping off. Ive only ever ran it on a blast/cut before so interested to see what happens, to be fair do not feel any smaller, but waist is pulling right in. Will see whats left in 2 weeks i guess
  6. Which DNP

    Dnp is great stuff when used carefully and for a short duration with the right supplements . Its a shame it seems to have dissappeared from everywhere now after the recent crack.