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  1. Gendergp £20 per month, plus prescriptions @ £5 a vial. Wouldn't touch BMH with a barge pole.
  2. Dr Stevens or Dr Savage

    No, we started e21d, and by d17 I felt s**t, we adjusted and now it's alright
  3. Spots

    Alright folks. Anyone had excessive spots while on TRTand have any remedies? I get them on my thighs and ass, nowhere else
  4. Optimale

    Prescription is through clear chemist. It's a prescription based on your bloods, I'm e17d Whatever support you need. Feel free to go with optimale, my experience was that they were just after money and charged extortionate rates
  5. Optimale

    You can select the I need a prescription option on clear chemist. Or just email gendergp I Chad a consult with optimale and they just came across as money grabbing
  6. Dr Stevens or Dr Savage

    I'm with GenderGp £20 a month plus £5 a vial for prescriptions.
  7. Optimale

    Gender gp. £20 per month plus prescriptions through clear chemist which is 4.99 a vial
  8. TRT and Wada drugs test

    People dont get caught doping using excessive test, let alone TRT doses. In short, yes you'll fail depending on the proximity of your injection to the date you were tested and the amount you injected. You can get around it, microdose 2mg/24hrs but need regular bloods taken to understand your levels. Youd also need to keep an eye on your LH to ensure it doesnt crash. Stop microdosing a few days prior to an event as that's where your most likely to be tested, however depending where you are in your career (assuming you're an athlete and this isnt just a general question) UK Sport can turn up at your home / gym etc anytime and demand a sample
  9. Bloods

    I'm getting some bloods done to look at test, oestradol, shbg, psa, hematocrit I'm mostly interested in the psa, oestradol and hematocrit, should I get them done in my trough for an accurate measure, or do I want to get these done shortly after my jab?
  10. I'm curious if anyone trains around their injection cycle, IE heavier weight lower reps shortly after jabbing then changing it up as you get closer to the next injection. Or, if you train the same regardless?
  11. Blood donations

    Yeah They'll just take it and bin it, I think its referred to as therapeutic phlebotomy
  12. Blood donations

    If you've been referred already then I'd wait, rather than trying to do something to change the levels otherwise you may just get f**ked off by the specialist
  13. Blood donations

    Do you mean hematocrit? As in the thickness of you blood? First have a blood test to confirm it's high, if it's not then you dont need to worry about it. If it is high, your GP should just send you to a phlebotomist to have blood taken, its doesnt specifically need to be donated. You might also be advised to take a low dose of aspirin to thin the blood