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  1. First online journal

    Been debating on a online journal for a while now and gyms are opening next week so now I thought would be a good time to start . Current photos attached of current condition . No heavy training in lockdown ,have been maintaining with band work and bodyweight . So I am sure there will be a lot of progress to be made . Currently 3-4 weeks post pct so Will be training natural for 6 weeks doing a natty cut to shed some body fat before I jump back on a cycle . I will be doing a push pull legs over 6 days Will update more on Monday
  2. Food sources?

  3. You all know this guy

    Know a dude like this . Won’t listen to a word you say either after he has asked for advice you have given him . Apparently 5-6 working sets over 10 exercises works best
  4. First online journal

    week 2 day 2 Warm up good mornings x3 Deadlifts 5,3,2,1 warm up 200kg 7. 5. 180kg 7 Close grip pull downs 93kg 8. 79kg 11 Barbell rows 110kg. 7. 100kg 8 Straight arm pull downs V bar. 41kg 10. 32kg 14 Db rear delts 12.5kg 15. 12 Rep out 7kg 20 reps Barbell curls 60kg 10 50kg 15 Hammer curls across body 25kg 8. 20kg 14 + 2 negatives Incline dumbbell curls 1 set 15kg. 14 Pull session from tonight . Intensity is definitely up , 3 litres water just at gym tonight 40 minutes cardio pwo and home for a meal
  5. 12 weeks bulking with Trenbolone

    Will be following. Also a follower on your YouTube . I think you will love tren
  6. Big fors back to gym blog

    E book of the year mate .
  7. First online journal

    week 2 day 1 Rotator cuff x3 Light warm up chest press x3 Flat bench 120kg 8. 110kg 10 Incline Db bench 47.5kg 7 reps. 37.5kg 8 rest pause 2 Incline Db fly 25kg 10. 20kg 16 Db shoulder press 35kg 6. 27.5kg 7 Db side laterals 15kg 14. 10kg 15 reps drop set 6kg 30reps Skull crushers 40kg 10. 30kg 15 Tricep pushdowns straight bar 42.5kg 12. 35kg 15 lifts up from last week and training on my own tonight so shorter rest time between sets. although the only thing I did not increase was the shoulder press ,I had to slightly drop the weight as I put everything I had into my other pressing and I was quite fatigued by the time I got to it 40 minutes cardio 2 scoops whey 25g dextrose
  8. What are you passionate about?

    Yeah had some right laughs playing these as kids
  9. What are you passionate about?

    used to love this also back in the day . Spent hours upon hours playing this along with goldeneye
  10. What are you passionate about?

    Is that the Commodore 64? If so my brother had one , used to take like 30 + minutes to load a game lol
  11. What are you passionate about?

    That’s the one I had the one before that as well and yeah I remember blowing into the game and the console , worked every time . These retro consoles are worth a bit of doe now I believe , I have seen them go for stupid prices
  12. What are you passionate about?

    Great game but managed to complete all the new ones . Don’t suppose you remember donkey Kong ? They should remake that also and mario
  13. What are you passionate about?

    Yeah I still play crash now , I have the remastered ones on Xbox one and the new edition . If anything they are better to be honest. I don’t remember them being so frustrating tho the further you get into the games .
  14. What are you passionate about?

    Was quite popular back in the day , think it takes more interest in the old school gamers than it does new . Same with mortal kombat that come out in 1992 on the Nintendo and sega. And street fighter , all classics . I am more of a mortal kombat fan. More brutal
  15. Old School Bodybuilders

    Yes course , more into the old school bodybuilders than today’s . Todays don’t really interest me as such .indeed he does look great for he’s age
  16. First online journal

    I prefer to try and stay healthy as possible and have breaks . I don’t want to become dependant on drugs if I am honest. Also I get to have a break from putting a needle in my ass I hate it lol . Can’t say I am a fan of pct tho and clomid . I don’t mentally react very well with it , it can be very depressant . But it’s only for a few weeks so not a huge deal as long as you eat and train hard like your still on you will keep your muscle .
  17. First online journal

    Heaviest I have been is 245 lbs . I will be running a small cycle nothing heavy as I don’t believe in running Huge amounts of gear 600mg test e. 200mg tren e kick started with orals winny 60mg for 4 weeks . Will run that for around 14 weeks then drop to a cruise for a bit and come off and pct . It’s what works for me and I get 0 sides and I recover quickly
  18. First online journal

    I’m around 230lbs ish at the minute at 6 feet . Lost slight weight coming off cycle what is expected . Water weight . But I have a goal of 250lbs this year once I get back on cycle and wack up the calories .
  19. What are you passionate about?

    We know you ain’t ketones . You would have been banned by now .massive Fruit loop that dude
  20. What’s your go to cheat?

    Now your just going to make us all hungry . Sounds nice
  21. Medichecks Fail

    I wouldn’t worry about your test levels to much while on mate . Long as your making improvements seeing results great pumps , have the sex drive like a stallion I would say your good to go Out of interest what medichecks test did you buy
  22. What’s your go to cheat?

    My go to cheat would be very similar to yours but I would have hot and spicy beef with extra jellepenos. May as well do it properly and make it dirty
  23. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    I know the feeling . I pulled something in my back 2 years ago doing rack pulls , could not even bend down to tie my shoe laces . Took a whole year or so to heal could not do any form of deadlift and I think the first lock down helped a lot with the rest ect , it is very disheartening with all the set backs when something gets in the way of your passion .good to see you are trying to work around things , I would honestly be doing the same . Great squatting that , don’t see many people squatting that weight . Don’t see my self hitting any big numbers off cycle yet , but be good when I do , so much time been wasted due to this virus . Been watching your progress. Doing well mate , keep it up
  24. Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound

    Dam. Haven’t had much luck over the last few years tho with your pec tear as well . How does it feel now deadlifting , do you think you will ever get back up to your max . 260 wasn’t it . Same as me
  25. Need a new series to watch

    I enjoy crime series and horror and anything dark mainly Stuff I have watched so far watched from the beginning till the end dexter breaking bad bates motel better call Saul orange is the new black Ozark ratched the sinner stranger things american horror story pretty much every single Serial killer docs and limited series you can think of I have watched as I watch documentaries mainly but happy to get into a series any similar to the above I have Amazon prime , Netflix and sky . Cheers