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  1. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    Xbox one s . Sure it’s not your connection ?
  2. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    All working good for me. But then again I don’t play fifa . Been playing cold war
  3. Lol they are easy to wash . taste so much better than the microwave jobby and it keeps it heated until you turn it off . To be honest I am a lazy c**t and it’s easy for me . I don’t even eat meals anymore I blend them in the blender add water and drink . All goes down the same way ! Unless of course I have a treat meal then it’s a all out feast
  4. Mate just wack it in the oven on a low heat . If you class this as cooking your mad . I also got a rice cooker . You virtually doing f all when you do it this way . Chop up stick in container it isn’t hard .
  5. FREEDOM!!

    C*ck in one hand , jd in the other ?
  6. These taxi drivers are taking the p*ss

    3 miles. Could have walked that
  7. Thanks mate . I can see the phishing button and report but no block button after I have reported . Do I need to do it from a actual computer and not a phone to bring up all the options do you think ?
  8. I have been wondering this also , I can’t seem to do it . I have an ex who has been harassing me for years on it . Can’t change email as everything is set up on it . How do we do it on hotmail ?
  9. Do you keep in touch with your parents?

    Yeah I keep in touch through messages mostly . Can’t really communicate with my father face to face or on phone as he is deaf and he doesn’t sign , just a lot of nods and agreeing with what I am saying even tho he has not heard a word my mother not so much as she lives 600 miles away and we don’t get on so on and off , we can go up to 3 years without talking where it’s that bad but have recently decided to wipe a clean slate and start talking to her again or at least try without dramas for the reasons swole troll mentioned . Don’t really want any regrets of this and that or I wish I would have made contact ect
  10. Anyone still do the old school ab training

    At the end of the day do what is right for you only will you know . Everyone is different mate . So I am not trying to convince my self when I know I don’t need to , it will work for some and not others .
  11. Need a new series to watch

    Yeah I thought the same .
  12. Anyone still do the old school ab training

    I Don’t really need to . Very rarely do them and I have thick blocky abs . Mine get hit enough through compound movements . Squats dead’s over head press and rows all hit them well .
  13. Now here is an idea

    Nah this is the way to go mate . Bargain that