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  1. The Journey to low BF%

    Should get Tuesday the latest mate .
  2. The Journey to low BF%

    They don’t . Usually a 3 day turn around not including weekends . When do you send it off
  3. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Your 22 how is that to old to start a career . Nonsense . I have family members in their 40s that have started career changes and done well . You have your whole life ahead of you . Suicide is not the answer. Get down job centre ask for help it’s why they are there . May even throw some funding your way for a course . I know it’s difficult , I suffer with anxiety and depression my self . Baby steps my friend and think of your warehouse work as just a stepping stone onto greater things . Set some goals , maybe apply that dedication and positivity you do towards the gym towards other things in life . hope it all works out
  4. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Sitting around moping about it won’t get you very far in life mate . We all have had or do have issues . Man up . Sitting around making thread after thread isn’t going to change anything . You had lots of helpful advice on your last thread about suicide get your act together and do something about it . Start now
  5. First online journal

    week 4 day 1 Rotator cuff x3 Flat bench Set1 120kg 9. Set2. 120kg 5 Incline Db bench 47.5kg 10 40kg. 10 Incline Db fly 25kg 13 20kg 20 Db shoulder press 35kg 8 with 1 rest pause rep 27.5kg 12 Db side lateral 15kg 20. 10 Pump set 7.5kg 20 reps Skull crushers 45kg 9. 40kg 8 Tricep pushdowns 45kg 11. 36kg. 13 rest pause 3 One arm reverse Tricep pushdowns 1 set 9kg 7 40 minutes cardio first push session of this week . Things are slightly slowing down what I expected so I will be slightly upping my food intake and Donating blood today and doing a blood test next week . If things are well I will be taking it up a gear and jumping on cycle . Thinking of doing a good bulker and leave the tren this year . I am thinking test decca kick started with some dbol . Looking to gain some serious strength and size and cut next year . So much time has been wasted this past year so I would rather grow
  6. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    Hmmm so much to choose from , I have a wide range of music I listen to . Mostly older stuff tho I enjoy rock , metal old and new old school hip hop , 80s to name a few bands I would go with nirvana iron maiden avenge senthfold pantera five finger death punch black sabbath volbeat creed Alice in chains rob zombie those are mostly my rock bands . Taste in 80s varies a lot as not really keen on artists but particular songs hip hop I would go with Eminem , snoop , ice cube,Dre so yeah more of a rocker I guess
  7. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    I eat what ever i want on cheat meal regardless of calories . Can’t gain fat over night so why worry if it’s only one day I say. I have been known to pack 10,000 calories on a cheat day . I give my self 3 hours one day a week to indulge on what ever I wish . Then back to my diet
  8. Clomid .. REAL OR FAKE?!

    Have always used them no issues can’t vouch for Swiss remedies tho
  9. Progress so far!

    Looks like all is going well .
  10. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    Why bother . Barrels are extremely cheap or even free if you go to a needle exchange
  11. DACTT’s Journey to somewhere...

    Can’t say I miss the night sweats and broken sleep . I am guessing you sleep alone ? My misses used to wake up soaked in my sweat some years back . Went down well you could say
  12. First online journal

    Thanks mate . Yeah been natty 8 weeks now. No where near my on cycle lifts . Hopefully another 2-3 weeks and I go back on if bloods are good and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be
  13. First online journal

    Thanks mate. With the rdl and the racks at my gym you can’t walk out with the bar from the rack and there isn’t really anything to sit it on Unfortunately. I never count the first rep from the floor , set starts once I am up
  14. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Didn’t even know what pegging was until a couple of years back . Dam wish I never googled it