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  1. LEGIT natties only

    Was waiting for that
  2. LEGIT natties only

    Your threads is s**t anyway mate so not like it matters
  3. LEGIT natties only

    This guy one several natural mr universe and Olympia titles . Ron Williams .
  4. How far would you drive to the gym?

    Snap fitness is one of the better ones mate if I am honest . Dumbbells go up to 60kg and equipment isn’t bad and obviously like yours it’s a chain and you can get into any snap fitness . Personally I prefer the spit and saw dust gyms but snap isn’t bad if your after a 24 hour gym
  5. How far would you drive to the gym?

    Would that be snap Fitness ?
  6. Do you look at girls in the gym

    Who doesn’t , surely anyone is going to look at a nice bit of Fanny tight trousers with a peachy bum Squatting . Human nature . Me and the misses both check them out
  7. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    I can incline about 120kgs a set of 8
  8. Anyone done a runner from an Indian restaurant

    Sounds easily done tbh
  9. Acceptable time to use gym equipment

    They avoid confrontation but happy to send aggressive emails lol . I would knock their door . bet they won’t email again . They Sounds like wetts
  10. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Had a Jack Russel . Died last month unfortunately . Natural causes
  11. First week injury

    Anyone who jumps straight back into max lifts deserves to get injured .
  12. Look at the man , are you that surprised. doesn’t even look like he brushes he’s hair once he got out of bed in the morning yet alone worry about hes body. Probably got a keg not a six pack
  13. Cialis vs viagra

    Depend on the night on what I fancy. I like both . But cialis obviously has less sides .
  14. Natty lives matter

    All gym bros matter
  15. Timing for birth control

    And what about pre cum mate they can still get preggers . Don’t always trust the pull out method. as for the pill and dryness I can’t say I have experienced that , my misses gushes and everything and she’s on pill . Your Probably not turning her on enough