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  1. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Wel he didn’t do f**k all with anyone . Think he felt embarrassed . He pulled the usual I got to go to my car to get something
  2. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Bit of both mate . We only meet as a couple so not as much freedom as you may think lol.
  3. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Lol your probably like me and always the biggest dude at the party . Not quite 21 inch but 19s. Sorry about the 2inch penis tho , well let’s hope your a just a grower and not a shower. Had one dude turn up to one of our parties he had a baby micro penis , he didn’t stay long
  4. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Been to abfabs yes. We mostly host our own parties when we can but not this year due to obvious reasons . Other than that mostly lots of fab meets
  5. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Well I wouldn’t have kept it up years if not would I lol .I get Fanny and done some crazy mad stuff since our time swinging . We both happy . We did it from the very start of our relationship it’s not something that one of us just brought up one day so we know no different . To be honest I have always been a c**t when it comes to women in the past and cheating . But at least now I can be honest about it
  6. I can tell you now what is fckin up this forum

    i would rather watch paint dry if I am honest
  7. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    No don’t need to . We have been swinging for years.
  8. Christmas present ideas!

    For your misses mate . Doesn’t have a cock does she ? Call it a joint gift to you both
  9. Christmas present ideas!

    Shame spoiled my plans . Was going to get you a big 12 inch long 6 inches round black strap on mate . Your vagina might like that
  10. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Nothing out of the ordinary then
  11. i want GYM

    Forget everything else you wrote . You must hear this severel times daily I assume
  12. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Just be my the misses and the kids. Just how it would have been anyway
  13. Munchies

  14. Buying for women is frigging hard

    just ask her what she wants mate, it’s what I do with a few surprise gifts on the side .