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  1. Vpn

    Can any one recommend a good un preferably a pay monthly one ? Thanks
  2. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Excellent mate, delts n biceps looking huge
  3. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Decent? He looks Awesome!
  4. Test time between sets

    Just what I was schooled with so to speak, I’m thinking if I take longer, I could potentially lift more, Cheers
  5. Training frequency

    Everyone responds differently, look at Arnold train for 3 hrs apparently 6 days a week , Dorian 45mins, 4 days, both multiple winners of the sandow, find what works and stick to it, personally find once a week not enough, like at lest 2
  6. I usually wait, about 60secs or so for hypertrophy, see lads lately taking far longer, what’s everyone’s ideal time?
  7. I used to eat 3-4 times per week on average

    Very good improvement, what’s the crack with the dale winton tan second photo ?
  8. Cialis or Viagra?

    Cialis all day, less sides , more natural, and has health benefits blood pressure, prostate etc
  9. winstrol

    Just having no patience, getting riled by things that wouldn’t normally bother me, was strange as never had that on other things
  10. winstrol

    Wont touch it again, results excellent, attitude ridiculous, never read about winstrol like that before I was surprised!
  11. Behind the neck press rant

    And rotar cuff Injury’s in a lot of people, just do them to the front
  12. Decent bodybuilding film/docs?

    Same here watched for 10mins said the same jeans? Was well awkward when the bell brother, asked his man and dad, about steroids
  13. 45% off everything on myprotein

    That will, Teach me to read the full thread lol... but that wasn’t the topic, it was why do certain mainstream company’s offer discount codes and prices hugely differ constantly?
  14. 45% off everything on myprotein

    Some body please work this conundrum out for me... bodybuilding warehouse 5 kg whey £90 on there own site, or £55 delivered of them thru eBay !! Ha
  15. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    Might try one of them mate, the coffee my mate makes is Lavazza pods, and hand on heart I personally think they better than several coffee shops I frequent, including costa, Starbucks etc, he uses a milk throther also it’s quality stuff imo