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  1. 45% off everything on myprotein

    That will, Teach me to read the full thread lol... but that wasn’t the topic, it was why do certain mainstream company’s offer discount codes and prices hugely differ constantly?
  2. 45% off everything on myprotein

    Some body please work this conundrum out for me... bodybuilding warehouse 5 kg whey £90 on there own site, or £55 delivered of them thru eBay !! Ha
  3. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    Might try one of them mate, the coffee my mate makes is Lavazza pods, and hand on heart I personally think they better than several coffee shops I frequent, including costa, Starbucks etc, he uses a milk throther also it’s quality stuff imo
  4. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    I ain’t like that nut !!
  5. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    Coffee pods are surprisingly good was expecting meh, I was taken aback
  6. It was a compliment mate sorry if you took the wrong way? just the bit about putting 20lb on to loose 16, waste time money effort very true, it’s a simple logic in hindsight, that a lot of people overlook. Chasing size
  7. A very simple, very effective example ?
  8. Another newbie question about fish

    It will have been pollack mate
  9. Tyson Fury upper back workout

    To be fair, his form is pretty loose like ha. Is the first supposed to be a bent over lateral ?
  10. Low cal/ low fat ice cream

    Yeah they taste really good... too good in fact, hence my scepticism ha
  11. Coop one tastes fantastic. Surely full of nastys? What’s everybody’s opinion?
  12. Resistance bands

    Hi, don’t mean to sound stupid can you just use the door frame to hook them ? never used them before, can any one recommend any good ones? only really need for push downs cheers
  13. Dumbbells no bench

    Tell you what, where there is a will there is a way, good tips lads cheers
  14. Dumbbells no bench

    Yeah tried them mate. Just felt more of a front delt. Obviously coz of the lack of rom
  15. Dumbbells no bench

    Think it’s pretty impossible any chance of a half decent chest workout? Cheers