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  1. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    I have only been able to train twice a week last week and this week as stuck away for work. Ive put on like 2lbs which pissed me off - hard work starts again next week seem to have a dropped metatarsal annoyingly doing some heat / ice at moment had it a week
  2. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    Cheers for all comments guys. Lost another couple of lbs last 2 weeks but due to work ive only done 2 x gym a week for last 2 weeks and this coming week (half my usual) will stick with diet, cant say i really get too hungry even on 1850 cals. Just hope the body picks up some definition soon - maybe theres just no muscle under there ?
  3. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    Thanks for the detailed reply. The 10mins i refer to was hiit training like interval sprints. But yeah perhaps upping the cv a bit more will speed up the cutting. Waist/stomach has always been my issue. A bit like skinny fat. In clothes i look really trim but always had issue with stomach. Just a shame that seems to be last place to leave!
  4. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    Thanks. Yeah def look different just not the lean/definition and veins i wanted just yet!
  5. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    Thanks mate yeah true. I always guessed my BF at around 20% but i went to this wellbeing centre thro work last week and they give u all the muscle mass, BMI, Bf etc and that came out at 18%
  6. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    Yeah thanks (again) mate. Good point. I gained 11lbs on a bulk few months back and didnt look any bigger really in the right areas! i will continue with the diet then just hate looking like im ill when people keep asking "are u ok you look like youve lost a lot of weight" be nice to just get some veins here and there and some shape to muscles
  7. Losing weight but not getting lean ???

    Cheers mate. Im trying bloody hard and 14lbs off in 12 weeks for me is decent. Yeah i just seem smaller all over, especially my face, some off my legs and arms annoyinlgy. Was thinking maybe i just dont have the muscle there that i thought and no amount of weight loss will look defined ? So u just keep going with 1900 cals a day, 4 x PHUL and 4 x 10'min cv and keep getting smaller? At what stage would u recommened introducing a lean bulk switch.
  8. Morning all i've been dieting since 7th Jan. Gone from 202.4lbs to 188.4lbs as of yesterday - 14lb drop in weight. Im currently at around 17-18% BF im currently doing the PHUL routine, 4 x per week with 10'min cv after those 4 sessions I am pleased i have managed to shed the weight and have seen my stomach reduce from 100cm to 94cm in that time. I feel better and trimmer BUT i dont really look any different in the mirror even though im 1stone lighter - im not big or fat anyway so i was hoping losing this much i would have got some leanness, definition, outline of some top abs etc. my actual aim is to bulk and get a lot more muscle but not get fat at the same time but first i wanted to get a good base. It just seems when i diet i get smaller but no definition and when i bulk i get bigger with no definition and a big gut ? Not sure what im doing wrong but im ploughing everything into this and not really seeing any results in leaning out or building some muscle. (Natural by the way)
  9. Delod all week. Light weights and 50 slow reps. Lost a few mm's off arms but stomach has reduced by 4cm since starting diet. Was around 1850 cal / day this week dropped 2.5lbs by this morning
  10. Good point. Being honest i just wanted to get the cutting out way asap and then lean bulk to a physique i actually want :-)
  11. Hi mate was at around 1-1.2 lbs a week loss. Doesnt seem to be doing much visually so i removed all carbs after my post-gym 3 pm meal. Maybe i need to find a balance somewhere inbetween as yeah it doesnt leave me much else to remove
  12. Cheers guys. Tomorrow is last day of 9 days deload period. Progressively back in business next week also dropped cals to 1850 per day time to get some results i hope!!
  13. Thanks will google those stretches. Sometimes i am limited to 10-15 cv time end of sesh hence hiit to make the most of the time. Although 10-15 uphill walking is a good one for sure
  14. Taking this week as deload. Very low weights and 50 reps per usual exercise i like doing hiit sprints get a good sweat on but i did switch to hiit sprints on spin bike which was better but didnt work up as much sweat. Just seems to flare up hammys and groin sometimes i stretch for a couple min before and after, just quick stretch of groin hams and quads
  15. Thanks i'll look into this for future ref