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    Greenspin reacted to tommyc2k7 in Random Cheap Flights?   
    http://flightchecker.moneysavingexpert.com/ is a good one for Europe
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    Greenspin got a reaction from Sharpz in Thailand - but not to Party?   

    No worries, that's not on the agenda.

    Sorry mate. I'm going with my girlfriend and neither of us drink or any of that stuff. Just want to see some nice places.
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    Greenspin reacted to BruceT in Thailand - but not to Party?   
    Think Andrew John would have a good idea? Maybe wrong user name...

    Edit: it's [MENTION=93499]John Andrew[/MENTION]
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    Greenspin got a reaction from barsnack in Einstein or Marilyn   
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    Greenspin got a reaction from Leeds89 in Greenspin   



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    Greenspin got a reaction from gashead88 in myprotein vouchers - I'm not happy - please help   

    If this still needs sorting let me know and I'll see if I can find out what's going on.
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    Greenspin got a reaction from SoulSearcher in Good News & Nice Things - Day 3 - Another Double Whammy   
    I'm actually diamond... thanks guys, although I've not been very helpful to the forum lately, lol.
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    Greenspin reacted to Ackee&Saltfish in Changing what they keys do on a key board?   
    1. Open system preferences.
    2. Choose "Language & Text".
    3. Choose "Input Sources".
    4. On the left you will find a list of keyboard layouts for different languages. Check the ones you want to be readily available. There are 3 layouts for French on my version of OSX.
    5. At the bottom check "Sow input in menu bar". This will insert a flag icon in the menu bar.
    6. Clicking on the flag icon in the menu bar lets you choose which layout you want to use.
    7. Choose "Show Keyboard Viewer" from that same menu to see what the layout looks like.
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    Greenspin got a reaction from latblaster in Help 'Upgrading' My Laptop   
    Thanks guys. Sounds like keeping it as is, is the cheapest and best option

    Already have mate
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    Greenspin reacted to Flubs in Finally, the prep for my lingerie photoshoot   
    just this...x
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    Greenspin got a reaction from BritishAssassin in Date thread........   
    If I wasn't sorely concerned about being snapped in two by @BritishAssassin I'd definitely offer to take [MENTION=77879][email protected][/MENTION] out for a meal
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    Greenspin got a reaction from Pictor in Medimel - Gynecomastia Surgery (detailed)   

    Really good mate. I'll give a better update tomorrow if I remember as I'm pretty tired now. Forgot to say when we spoke before that if you can't get hold of the surgeon atm, it is probably because she is away until August the 9th, I believe. Also, regarding what we were talking about, she is head of general surgery (think I got that right) at one of the military hospitals in Poland (so doing all the reg. ops that you see in a hospital), so she'd be skilled enough to cover your stuff. She's a good lady.
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    Greenspin got a reaction from Talaria in FUNNIEST movie clip   
    Not the funniest of all time, but one that comes to mind is the one below. Made me laugh when I first saw it:

    Edit: Skip to 30 seconds

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    Greenspin reacted to Skye666 in Where do you stand on Chubbys?   

    Vile!! I hate the way u guys slag girls off for being big yet u still choose to sleep with them...doesn't that make u a fat lover??? Stop covering up with ' I didn't take her home'. What ever u love chub clearly!!! And possibly...truth be known u couldn't get A toned hot sexy woman coz those type know a ' hammer' belongs in the shed!
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    Greenspin got a reaction from [email protected] in The person below me.......   
    False (true)

    Person below me has an 'R' in their first name.

    Oops, this was a response to the camel toe thing
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    Greenspin reacted to mrssalvatore in Thought I'd share some of my music productions with you guys!   

    That's it the only tune I could think off with it in was that one

    Well I give you my honest opinion and that's how I get thanked am not suprised no one else commented on it if that's the way you're gonna talk to people
    I'll not bother in future !!
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    Greenspin reacted to resten in When you go from an amazing high to a terrible low   
    SHE'S FINE!!!!

    Thank you all so much for the support. I was spinning out about it all so much when I started the thread. It all became much more manageable with so many kind words from people both her and on PMs as well.

    Again, thank you everyone.

    I actually just cried when she called. What a pansy!

    Doctor she just saw said absolutely nothing to worry about! Sending samples off anyway just to be triple sure. But it's as good as all clear
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    Greenspin got a reaction from [email protected] in Worst state you have slept in...   
    To be fair, in my days of getting absolutely wasted, me and my mate used to sleep in the graveyard in the centre of town, just to get some rest between manic ones. That wasn't an accident though.
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    Greenspin reacted to [email protected] in Worst state you have slept in...   
    When I was about 17 I got home after a night out, very the worse for wear, and my door key wouldn't work. Didn't want to wake my parents so went to sleep in the porch.

    I was woken the following morning by my next door neighbour because I was actually in her porch lol.

    The funniest bit was that she said her husband had left for work an hour earlier so must have just stepped over me
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    Greenspin reacted to Kimball in Worst state you have slept in...   
    In an abandoned car underneath hammer smith flyover outside work, then straight to work (student job) for 8am!
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    Greenspin reacted to Smitch in Worst state you have slept in...   

    When I was 18 I woke up on a beach in Mallorca not knowing how I got there as it was our first night and I was hammered. Next night the lads went to the same club we'd been to on the first night and the bar staff recognised my mates and told them how they'd found me out cold in there the night before and how they carried me to the beach over the road in the morning.
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    Greenspin reacted to Milky in Worst state you have slept in...   
    Sorry another sleep thread but l reckon this one could be a funny one.

    What is the worse state you have slept in ? I hear tales of people falling asleep in all sorts of places in all sorts of attire, fully dressed in there work gear, in a pool of there own pee in a porch etc..

    I reckon this could be a good one...
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    Greenspin got a reaction from Northern Lass in Yummy's journey from Fat to Body Fitness Queen!   

    Haha, no I actually recently got new ones, so who ever she is she's clear as day
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    Greenspin got a reaction from Lean&Mean&Clean in Going on holiday alone   
    Do it, I'd love to just fcuk off on my own somewhere.
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    Greenspin reacted to Noxchi in uk muscle guitar players.   

    He reminds me of yosemite sam