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  1. Does eca/clen show on cdt

  2. Hi guys. I'm in a job that does random cdt with no warning. Im wanting to use clen or an eca stack as I've used prior to my job with desired results. So I was wanting to do it again. So can anyone shed any light on this? Much appreciated
  3. Does clen or eph show up on cdt's?

    Employer is armed forces if it makes a difference
  4. Ok my job needs me to occasionally do a Cdt. i have previously ran eca stacks to help with weight loss to great success but this was before my current job im currently cutting now and would like to run either clen or eca but with Chesteze not been circulated it isn't easy to get but before I look into buying either of them I need to see if they show up on cdt's and how long they stay in your system for? Cheers
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there are any otc medication / supplements you can take that will directly in the short term increase your cardiovascular performance. i have previously used Chesteze which had this effect and could easily knock 20-30 seconds off a mile run time, and now that isn't available otc so I'm looking to see if there is anything else available with similar results? Thanks
  6. Hi guys I've got into oly lifting recently as part of sports afternoon and would like to base my routine around this to improve my oly lifts. so if possible could anyone list a good weekly routine or a training plan for oly lifts? cheers guys
  7. Hi guys, I'm wanting to do my first cycle and wanting to make it an oral only cycle for ease of storage and other reasons. i like the idea of anavar As.from what I've read the side effects of it are very mild compared to other aas. has anyone run a Anavar only cycle for bulking up, would they recommend it. also what dosage did you run and what pct did you do? and if you stacked it what was it with etc
  8. Clen and cdt

    Does anybody here know if clen shows up in cdt's specifically armed forces ones? also what doseage do people here usually run it at if its a stand alone? Thanks