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  1. anyone saw or took this lab yet?

    How is this going mate
  2. anyone saw or took this lab yet?

    How is this going mate any feedback welcome cheers
  3. I broke one tab up in to 4 and just had the quarter and still felt strange not as bad as having a whole one but still crazy strong stuff. Put them back in the draw again not touching clen again lol. Malay Tiger is strong stuff if your reading this and going to try Malay tiger just go easy on the stuff. Traps
  4. In one Pharma

    I don’t use websites never have. Got a few good sources been using for years now.
  5. Any one come across this lab or used it. Thinking of trying it as D4 Net have been busted and not much of there product about now. Tarps
  6. Triumph Test E Pip

    No pip just find the oil thicker than other oils. Anyone tried the Tren E as thinking of adding in to cycle Traps
  7. Clen cycle

    Yeah good stuff from Sparkey. I tried Malay Tiger and blow my socks of as was to strong for me. I then did Keto diet and lost a stone in 3 weeks so was happy with that.
  8. Cloudy Tren

    Never have I seen cloudy Tren in 15 years of dabble in this game. Never. I personally would not use it.
  9. No sides, no anything from clen

    I might try break one tab in half and try it again, maybe into quarters just to be safe. Mental stuff I did a post on it as I was ruined for the day and muscle cramps with brutal. Not good. Traps
  10. No sides, no anything from clen

    I had 40mcg and was a total mess. I might break up the tablets and just try small amounts to see how I go.
  11. No sides, no anything from clen

    It was 24hrs of hell and muscle cramps. Nightmare mate.
  12. No sides, no anything from clen

    I got 99 tabs of Malay Tiger left as only took one tab and was mental stuff not used anymore and sitting in the stash draw now lol.
  13. No sides, no anything from clen

    Sounds like fake mate. You would know if you had the real deal. Sorry to tell you.
  14. Has anyone successfully used this to shed water weight of and get a lot leaner. Traps
  15. Ok so I take one tab this morning 40mcg at 7 am. I have had trembling body and hands heart rate up but not crazy up. Face is now flush red blotches but going away now. Training arms today at midday as was putting of going to the gym. Normally I’m there 8am. Muscle cramps now are worrying me. Forearms going mental and fingers have a mind of there own. I have had amino acids and Taurine all in there raw form as I buy them all separately. Electrolytes going back n as I write this witch has been difficult as hands cramping up. Not sure this for me I can’t do this everyday lol.