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  1. I won my class at the UKBFF MaxxMuscle North at the weekend, which makes me now 9 weeks out from the final in October. I limited my binge eating to the rest of the weekend after the show then back to contest diet/training/cardio. I made my weight class by 1lb, and want to come in at the same weight ish next time. Whats the best thing to do, what do you guys usually do Diet wise in this situation. Just maintain weight for the next 9 weeks? Increase cals and attempt to gain before dialling back in 4-6 weeks out? With it being a fairly short time frame just wondering on the best course of action. Any advice from experienced competitors would be much appreciated!
  2. @ElChapo For people who get their partners pregnant while on cycles (say test/tren/mast/orals) is there any science relating to what the sex of the baby is more likely to be. Or is it purely coincidence that a lot of bodybuilders seem to father girls?
  3. Ah ok got ya, cheers mate. Was just a thought as when I finish competing i plan on dropping to cruise dose and was thinking of assistance with rebounding. I ran insulin in the offseason without GH and did gain a little more fat than i should have really.
  4. @El Chapo What are your thoughts on the use of PWO Fast acting insulin stand alone use during a cruise/time off to help maintain mass or continue growing? I know its best to use with HGH but can it be used effectively without HGH? Or is there a better protocol than PWO for this?
  5. Is that 1.5 per lb of body weight or lean body mass mate? How do you set your carbs and fats. At 6 weeks out I'm on my arse and feel if I swapped out some protein or carb cals for protein everything would be better ha.
  6. @ElChapo I like the idea of keeping carbs high and fat low when cutting. In terms of your protein recommendation of 1.4g/lb lbm.... would you count the protein from non-protein sources such as oats, veg, etc within this? My LBM is 162lb and my current macros are 320p/225c/75f (2,855kcal) 6 weeks out. That protein looks very high but looking through my food diary it averages out at 275g from actual protein sources, But if I only need 1.4 x lbm I can lower my protein to say 270g (with 225g coming from direct protein source, which is 1.4/lb lbm) and replace these calories with carbs? I definitely perform better with carbs. Out of interest how would you set contest prep macros for someone with lean body mass of 162lb and cutting on 2,800kcal? (Training 5 days a week, 60 min cardio 5 days a week steady state, all the usual prep AAS, fat burners etc)
  7. Thanks for the advice mate, the only thing is I'm 7 weeks out from a show, so maybe hcg may be best waiting till afterwards? Or should the arimidex I'm using at 0.5mg EOD prevent water retention?
  8. @elchapo Regarding HCG use on cycle vs before PCT.... I've been blasting and cruising for a while now, using hcg only sporadically by blasting 5000iu over 10 days every few months. I have at least 7 weeks on cycle left due to competing, and it's a a while now since I used HCG and balls have definitely shrunk down. Me and the mrs are wanting to try for a baby, understanding that we'll have more chance of this once the competing is out the way and I have a clear out...... but for now, what is the best thing to do with HCG? Unsure whether to blast with a high dose over a few days or to just begin a standard 500iu twice a week, would that be sufficient to wake the boys up?
  9. Thanks buddy, yeah I can definitely tell a difference since dropping the adex and adding tren, I've had no gyno lumps as yet.... but prevention of this was my reasoning for taking it on the first place. my test dosage is 393mg prop per week, along with 393 tren/393 mast (plus var/winny) Do you think adding arimidex back in now at 0.5 eod should see the sex drive and noodle d1ck improve?
  10. I was using arimidex before at 0.5mg eod and all was fine, this was while on Test E/NPP. As I switched over to test/tren/mast I dropped the arimidex after my coach gave me an arimidex protocol that has me using it daily for the last 3 weeks until show, tapering up to 1mg ed the final week....so thats when i dropped the arimdex, thinking i'd get more benefit from its use within the final 3 weeks. Will this be why the sex drive has gone. Do you think adding it back in at 0.5mg eod would get the sex drive back without it affecting its use for the last 3 weeks?
  11. @El Chapo What would you recommend, if anything for when deep into prep and sex drive disappears. Test/tren/mast/var/winny and at the moment libido has pretty much disappeared. The lack of sleep, meds, general tiredness etc...just no interest in sex right now. It would save me 8 weeks of hassle from the mrs if I could keep libido up!
  12. Thanks buddy; I've been fighting for my life for the last that couple of weeks to hold onto strength so definitely know the addition of the orals are needed.... as for loss of muscle it's hard to tell at this stage if that's happening or if it's just the mind-f##k of prep lol. I'd certainly feel I had a better 'safety blanket' at the higher test/tren/mast dose!
  13. @El Chapo Today is exactly 8 weeks out for me and today I introduce the orals and thermogenics. Currently running test p / tren a / mast p at 262.5mg each per week. I have a stanavar oral mix which is 25mg each per tab. What dose would you recommend for this. 75mg each sound right? Or I have seperate var so could do 50mg winstrol/100mg var? Wondering which would be best? Also, would you see a problem with increasing the test/tren/mast to 393.5mg per week of each? (It's a blend btw)
  14. I'm competing in u80kg intermediate, so only low level. I've been running the hgh for the last 3-4 months and not really sure what it's bringing to my physique (given it's only Chinese generic anyway).... all I know is it's adding a large cost and I'm just worried about not being able to get as good condition without it. I was going to drop it at 2 weeks out anyway, but if I dropped it now at 8 weeks I'd save myself some cash!
  15. @El Chapo @ghost.recon How important would you say hgh (say hygetropin black tops at 5iu mon-fri) is to a contest prep. At 8 weeks out and already running: test/tren/mast anavar/winstrol clen/t3 The one thing that really pushes me into the realm of struggling financially to fund the prep is the addition of HGH. Would there be much detriment to omitting the HGH. Given that diet is in check would I be doing myself a dis-service conditionig wise if I dropped the HGH?