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  1. Dragon pharma

    let is knwow please how u doing on dragon pharma
  2. Blood tests - high crit

    what about your lipids bro? they out of wack would worry about that then your hematocriet
  3. TRT dose...again

    why not try both methodes? i feel fine on 1 jab 1 ml 2 weeks and on but i feel better and stronger of each week 0.5 jab.
  4. Can HMG replace HCG

    is this enough to replace hcg? so hmg moves both fsh and lh?
  5. Can HMG replace HCG

    Can u tell what was better? Is it true u make more semen with hmg?
  6. what is ur trt dose mate? im on trt too and i pin 250 mg test c once two weeks
  7. Nebido

    im aiming to have 25 nmol, this means injections each 10 weeks how is the pip with nebido?
  8. Nebido

    thx for the reply bro, im gonna inject the nebido this week 2 ml to see how i go and after 1 week the second 2 ml. Then the next shot i will dose it at 4 ml in 1 time. But when i take blood should i take the blood 1 week prior the next pin right?
  9. Nebido

    The problem is i dont wanna inject 4 ml in 1 shot, isnt that a huge amount of testosteron boost that comes with sides? i rahter inject small dosises instead of huge amount in 1 time to mimic side effects. I dont go along with sust i feel terrible on it and really bad pip. And i asked my doc for test c or e but they only have gels sust en nebido in the europe
  10. Nebido

    i know its used to pin every 10 weeks but it could be pinnend to each 2 weeks a 1 ml dose correct?
  11. Nebido

    Hello lads, My docter subcreibed me Nebido for my TRT regime cause i dont go well with sustanon and the gels. She said u can pin it 4 ml in 1 time or 1 ml 1 week and 1 week off. Can i pin 1 ml in my delts with this form of testosteron?
  12. Cooper test-e

    the ampules are a pain in the ass to break, how u guys break them?
  13. Hello Lads, Recently did a blood test and my CK levels came back super high, should i train less often?
  14. wich supplements are good for ur blood pressure?
  15. did u guys do some blood test while on mast? does this drug f**k up ur hdl en ldl levels?