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  1. 12 or 16 weeks pct/off gear

    If this is your first course stick to minimum amount for max results. A good starting point is 300 mg ( test e) for your first cycle, stick to this for 8 weeks then start pct at 10 weeks allowing two weeks after your last jab ( if using test e), this takes you to 12/13 weeks ' on '. Then on your second cycle you can up the amount to 500 mg a week following a 12/13 week break. Good luck whatever you decide
  2. First jab help

    Exactly this ! For your first course stick to glutes, top right of either glute. You'll find after your first couple of pins you'll wander what the f###k you were worried about. Good luck
  3. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    Hi mate, yes already doing the vit K2, it's a good shout though I've done loads of research and lots of positives if not anecdotal, also taking Niacin as that also has some positive reviews. Thanks for suggestion though
  4. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    Yes my diet is spot on and I never drink. I'm in my forties and have trained 25 years and ate clean throughout. Trying to research the protocols for reducing calcification but thee appears to be nothing ! . I suppose best case scenario is to make sure it doesn't get worse, I try not to worry about it too much as it appears I'm stuck with it. Very frustrating that I can't jump back on a course as I wanted to compete again. Good luck with your recovery though mate.
  5. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    Yes had scan after noticing elevated heart rate at rest had risen from mid 60 's to high 70's. Had an ECG then further testing with Echocardiogram. Results were calcified aortic and mitral valve. I have no predisposition to high cholestral so putting results down to elevated LDL during steroid use.
  6. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    That's great news to hear your well on the way to recovery. I see your hormones are not too messed up, have you had your ldl measured and has it had any detrimental effect on your cholesterol levels ? Only reason I ask is I've been on for 6 years with all hormone profiles in check but disregarded my ldl levels, I've now got plaque build up in one of my arteries FFS. So considering coming off totally with no blasting ( only ever blasted at 500 mg Test per week and 300 mg Tren. Been on TRT for last 8 months before deciding what to do.