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  1. Noticed a lot of racists on here..

    Doesn't this post make you a keyboard warrior ?
  2. Never stopped working , can work from home so can Mrs ☹️ Also renovating house and training bits ? Busy as ever ....
  3. Just run out of protein what's everyone use?

    I like Cnp pro
  4. What’s everyone’s favourite preworkout ?

    Halo lol
  5. Utilising GH for the first time

    I have just started Genx , starting at 2iu for a couple of weeks before bumping it up to 5iu ?
  6. Keifei is one of the best mix's I have tried and a big favourite of mine ? You have had 9 years training , which tbf is a lot longer than most do before they jump on the steroid bandwagon. Why do people get so precious about tren , even when you try it you have no idea of how it will affect you ? Everyone says run tren ace first as if there are issues , it's quicker to drop ? I don't agree with this philosophy as a lot of investigation indicates its the short half life of ace that makes the sides worse, as it's a constant series of peaks and troughs. I would run a tri-tren mix or if you can get it tren hex ? Some people run tren with a low amount of test, I prefer to run my test higher, as it works for me. I would run the tren at a lower dose at first as you can always raise it once you have established you are okay with it ? I would start tren at 200 mg per week and not exceed 400 mg at highest. Give it time to kick in. Then evaluate. with tren a little goes a long way.
  7. Tren Base Question

    What about Halo ?
  8. Older or younger?

    I am 55 Current partner of 5 years is nearly 20 years younger My soon to be ex was 13 years younger as was the one before my current partner ? Oldest I have ever been out with is 36 I would wear anyone of my age out I think ?
  9. Size Issues HELP!!

    yeh filters are wrong
  10. Intexpharma test

    Their tri-tren was spot on
  11. Trest MENT

    Running it at the mo, at 25mg a day. It's the best product I've run and I've done them all ? Better than test and tren put together. No sides after 3 weeks ,nice lean mass , about 6lbs up. Ran Aromasin for couple of days before starting it as Gyno can be an issue with it, I have had no issues to date. Was running Aromasin at 25mg a day , now only do it every other day.
  12. Just Wanted to Say hi

    Jesus , prepare to be flooded with pms
  13. Free and single

    8 posts in and asking that ? Are you trying to p*ss someone off lol
  14. Is anyone running at the moment or has run it ? What were results ?
  15. New lab cenzo pharma

    Damn had heard good things about Cenzo ??
  16. The biggest guy in the world

    someone's skipping leg day
  17. Whose training today ?

    I trained yesterday , as was working and we have a gym.....
  18. Var Or Stanozolol

    Winny is the best, end of
  19. How does it work alongside HGH or is it one or the other ?
  20. Hygetropin 100iu

    Verify it on website ?
  21. What’s everyone’s favourite preworkout ?

    Ultimate orange is now back and is supposed to be very potent ? will get some after Crimbo
  22. Great pre workout , but cant eat after
  23. Pct help required please

    Above post says it all
  24. My advise would be to man up , seriously !