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  1. Gyms opening!!!

    The DG test prop 200 mg /ml was very good , lasts a lot longer due to dosing as well ? 3 x half mil a week
  2. Ment is a great compound , unfortunately it comes with fertility issues and if you are prone to gyno best avoided , think this is why it is not as widely used as it should be ? If none of these issues affect you I would say its awesome ?
  3. Rohm orals

    Don't rate Oxys , strength rockets while on them, size (mainly water) too. After 5 weeks it grinds to a halt, then when u finish u lose it all .....
  4. Redcon1- Total War etc

    Ordered 2 cheers Can this be used by my Mrs as well ? Ta Ordered 2 cheers Can this be used by my Mrs as well ? Ta
  5. If my daughter asked for Anavar I would say no way kid.
  6. Daddy wants milk

    Always have blue top in my post workout shake ? Milk is the most complete liquid food , contains everything you need ?
  7. Anavar

    For consistent long term weight loss nothing beats ketogenic diet , you need to be disciplined with Carb intake, but as a diet it deffo works ? loads of info online ?
  8. Tren Hex... Best out there?

    Tren ace is worst due to peaks and troughs , used tri tren prior and that was okay ? Like i said hex so far has been no issues , some slight night sweat but not dripping like ace , no head issues , dreams have become more vivid. I know its gtg as its Dunning , You dont need to run silly totals either as Ive learned that more is not always better with gear ? 300mg each of Hex and test P
  9. Tren Hex... Best out there?

    Yeh I know ? I am going on what others have told me ? I am on week 5 , still no sides , elevated temp at night , slight sweats , I know quite a few running or have run Hex and Trust their input, they love it ? will feedback in next couple of weeks ?
  10. Tren Hex... Best out there?

    Apparently Hex is the only Tren that was developed for human use , the rest was for cattle lol ? kick in time is a lot longer , most claiming it kicks ass after 5 - 8 weeks of use ? Its more stable and as a result sides are not as pronounced , most reporting some sweats and nothing much else ?
  11. I mainly use Dunning because it has never let me down , also Dg do a test P 200 mg which is bang on , I also have Rohm and Dimension in my stash , all gtg Best test blend I ever used was the Keifeii 325 blend. Nothing wrong with local blends , here in South Yorks we have Optima which is very decent ? Feedback from people using is the best barometer of wether gear is good or not as they all blow hot and cold ....
  12. What do you want for Christmas?

    Increlex Igf-1 Rarer than rocking horse sh*t ?
  13. What does everyone do for a living?

    I work for a global IT company currently support BT’s billing system work shifts , get lots of time off , pay decent all in all pretty good Down side I am nights tnite ☹️
  14. IPTV

    Ive just got a firestick , loaded monster Iptv and its been good so far? I use it for footy , got them all on it , BT , Sky , Bein etc Also pay per view events All HD too movies and world tv so far so good