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  1. Outdoor gym

    Great idea
  2. 2 bottles of sarms

    Very productive comment for the forum. Well done.
  3. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    You need help mate...
  4. 2 bottles of sarms

    Still available? Cheers...
  5. What was the Greatest concert ever?

    Rolling Stones, Glastonbury 2013.
  6. Strong Supplement Shop are leaving UK-Muscle

    Do you guys only advertise in here or also in other forums?
  7. Strong Supplement Shop are leaving UK-Muscle

    Oh no...what happened mate?
  8. Ukmuscle website

    The apocalypse is coming.
  9. British supplements

    Are you sure that website isn’t yours?
  10. Watching a loved one die of Cancer.

    Sorry to hear that mate. May she Rest In Peace forever.
  11. Ostarine questions

    @DappaDonDave any updates on your cycle buddy?
  12. Kids YouTube vids

    My 4 y.o. girl watches that little kid’s videos all the bloody time
  13. Newbie needs a boost

    Stick to a basic full body routine for a couple of weeks maybe 3 times per week and then focus on different body parts. Legs, chest/triceps, back/biceps, shoulders for example. I wouldn’t worry about supps yet...
  14. Man banned from gym for masturbating