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  1. Things to do in Cairo

    Walk like an egiptian?
  2. Failed 2nd Driving Test.

    Just don't give up mate.
  3. Anyone ever met a famous person

    The Arctic Monkeys, Jamiroquai....
  4. Barcelona terror attack: Another van

    13 dead and more than 50 injured (11 in really bad condition). Completely lost for words. Sad, very very sad...
  5. 2017 summer transfer window.

    Moneymar can Fcuk right off.....
  6. Hope you get better day by day and wish you recover asap.
  7. Gym membership

    How much do you pay a month?
  8. _

  9. Do you collect anything?

    Football shirts and NBA jerseys...
  10. ITS HERE! Summer Mix 2017

    Mate I've told you before, you're really, really good. Once again, thanks for sharing!
  11. What do you spend money on

    Wife and daughter, bills, few supplements...
  12. operation save uk-muscle

    As someone has said before, the forum has up and downs but at the end of the day it's up to all of us to keep it alive...
  13. People who complain at restaurants

    As a bar manager, I deal with this issue all the time. You'll be surprised the amount of people letting you know that they are "part of" Trip Advisor, so they can get any kind of discount.
  14. London Bridge

    Oh ffs....