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  1. Great post as always, love reading your posts and insights in to what you see in people. And thank you for the mention, much appreciated!
  2. So a few weeks into new training plan and feel so much better for it. Theres a lot of slow negatives in this plan, it's a killer and I've been sore everywhere but it's good! Also doing a bit of yoga and stretching to both help with flexibility and soreness and to help relax me. I miss routine, and I miss training so I'm glad to be back although I'm having a little op next week so I'll be having a bit more time off training which bothers me as feel I hit a real low when I hadn't trained for a few weeks. Up to now I seem to be picking up again in myself too which is good. Still don't feel like me but I'm getting there. Just hope things don't slump again next week but fingers crossed all will be OK! That's about it really, nothing exciting but thanks for reading!
  3. Exactly! It's like a lost feeling and especially after being so routined and strict for so long, afterwards it just feels alien and takes some adjusting. I'm picking up again now though so hopefully just a bit of a temporary blimp! Haha, can't beat a bit of Jezza! Thank you. Yeah picking up a bit now thankfully, feel I'm getting on the right track again. Hope you're OK too. The binging can be awful, again, takes time adjusting after prep doesn't it. People sometimes don't what how's on after prep but can be as hard as prep if not harder! Thank you, I will! Hey, how's you? Hope you're keeping well. Yeah not too bad thanks, back into a routine now and feel better for it!
  4. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Hey, just popping in, hope you're well and all is good!
  5. Soooo, it's been a while, busy busy as usual. Hit a bit of a slump recently, maybe delayed post comp blues, as I was fine immediately after prep but this last few weeks I just seemed to have slumped. Got a few things going on so maybe a culmination of things but i always seem to go through this phase after prep,its bloody annoying and difficult at times. It's also a head mess with body image, again I was fine post comp, embracing the curves but then before my holiday, started freaking out! ItS bizarre adjusting! During prep there's mind games but the end goal is getting lean, off season seems like a whole new even more difficult set of mind games! Anyway, after a couple of weeks off training due to holiday and then being ill last week, back to it now. New training started this week, as follows: 2 Leg sessions 2 Back & delt sessions 1 Arm session Not training didn't help either, I'm do routined, it felt so alien but glad to be back to it now. Other than that, I did have an ace holiday although feels so long ago already and all going well with work, got a promotion too so all good with that. Thanks for reading and hope everyone's well!
  6. Before and after pic thread.

    Haha, and at the time, I didn't think I was that lean! Yep agree, always at some point during the week before, I looked better, but did differ too between start of and later in the week. Hey ho!
  7. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Ahh no way, so sorry to hear this! Hope everything goes ok. Health is more important than any show, focus on getting yourself right again. I know it's scary when docs talk about tests etc and what they are testing for but try not to panic too much (know its easier said than done) but least they're acting on it straight away and if you've had similar problems in the past, chances are that the extreme stress and pressure your bodies been under through prep has maybe triggered it off but maybe worse this time due to prep being alien to your body. Hope so anyway. Never nice to be faced with health issues, I've just this week got the all clear for a few health issues that cropped up a few weeks ago, scary at the time but least the ball's rolling now and they're dealing with it asap. Anyway, going forward, least you now know what prep entails, and can use the info from this prep to help you in the future with stuff like length (were you happy with how long/progress etc) and just generally what you go through mentally etc, so you can plan next time with this knowledge. Take care anyway and get well soon!
  8. Thank you, yep all good, feels ace not to be constantly stressed! Yeah, can't wait! First holiday in two years so much needed! Ahh thank you! Hopefully it lasts for a bit!
  9. Best competition tan?!?

    Liquid Sun Rayz is a great tan and they do a home product www.liquidsunrayz.co.uk Also Jan Tana is good. Always worth doing a trial run though before so you know the tan suits you, tans can develop/look different on different skin types.
  10. Before and after pic thread.

    This pic is the pic I took just as I was about to start training, 7 years ago Fast forward 7 years..... And this was my first competition 6 years ago And these are from comps in May this year
  11. Old Dog - New Tricks

    I can't see a post bit from others posts I'm thinking you've had some very shitty stuff going on. So sorry to hear that and I hope you and your family are all ok. Big hugs and take care. X
  12. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Hey, hope all going well, not long now?! Have you got any issues with gluten? Do you have oats, and if so, do you find yourself more bloated afterwards? Maybe worth trying gluten free oats as my friend had a similar issue. Also, have you ever tried peppermint oil capsules/tea? Also can help with bloating, maybe worth trying too. Think there's a pepeerminy green tea which is good, and if you get a fridge jug, put a few bags in and leave to chill it's also a nice refreshing change from just normal water.
  13. Been a busy few weeks, catching up on life which feels great, eating, chilling, going out, new job and training hard. New jobs been a big focus, been there 3 weeks and love it, was scary moving on but I was so stressed, needed to move and I've got lucky, new jobs ace. Feel like a different person, de-stressed, loving training heavy again, and got a holiday booked too in 5 weeks, party holiday with the girls so need to get rid of a bit of chub now. Trainings going well, been doing a heavy program, lots of upper, for the last month, not sure what the next step is but all good! Bit of cardio too but just going to step it up a little til the holiday. Main overall focus is to gain size over the next few months so not going go diet drastically, just a little bit to feel a bit more comfortable getting in a bikini again!
  14. And the prep starts NOW ;)

    Most people will go through feeling like this during prep, even the strongest minded person will, it's normal, it's a complete head mess at times but head down and crack on. You'll get crap days where you wanna curl up into a ball and think sod it, then the next day or literally a few hours later, you'll be fine, motivated and although tired, you'll just be thinking about getting on that stage and you push past the feeling of crap and soldier on! As already said, each week will get tougher from now on, you're getting to the hard point now, but with it comes looking the best you probably ever have, and stepping on stage which is an amazing experience, even more so by getting through prep. It's definitely worth it, just take one day at a time, and soon the excitement kicks in, then that sort of gets you through the last stage of prep.
  15. Off Season Log - Ultimate Mass

    They say you go to a dark place during prep, I was there a lot, haha, literally for a lot of the last 12 weeks, I just didn't want to talk to anyone, do anything, and I pretty much hated life, but all worth it Thank you