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  1. Facet joint referral pain!

    Guys anyone ever suffer from this that could help out ?????
  2. Facet joint referral pain!

    Guys any off you suffer from facet joint pain , mine is getting referred pain right into my groin and its a down pain in the ass so to speak !I've had it about 9 months now and can't seem to shift it , oh, deadlifts, squats bendover rows all out of the question and beginning to lose hope , been to physio about 10 sessions which isn't helping much , had mri on it which showed no signs of why the pain is there , there is a bit of wear and tear on the l5 and l4 but nothing major , any suggestions guys on a plan forward, the injury orientated from a squat about 9 months ago .
  3. best supp for joints and muscles !!???

    Guys whats your go to supp for joints and muscle pain , of late i seem to injure very easy and joints seem to be tender and sore , prob old age but its annoying , rotor cuff is giving me a lot of jib atm which is restricting my bench , over head press and squat !!!!
  4. cracking joints !

    how long before u seen any diff pal ?
  5. Groin strain, testicular ache.

    yea mate sounds like a groin strain ,i had exact same , balls sore and pain in groin aera , mine took about 4 months to go away , leg press seem to annoy it alot.
  6. Natty benching 140k

    no never have .i have promised myself when i reach 200kg raw i will vid as i class this to be an excellent bench .
  7. Natty benching 140k

    i currently dont have any vids but i also dont believe in bull shitting what u can actually lift ,whats the point .my current working sets are 155 for 4 sets of 3.This is touch and go btw.
  8. Natty benching 140k

    of course its possible,im currently 87 kg and benching 140 plus for sets of 5 reps natty,175 pb at the minute .
  9. cracking joints !

    just ordered a tub so hopefully it help some , are the tablets quite large to take ??
  10. cracking joints !

    I know few fellas swear by glucosamine ,right enough hasnt done me no good so far , i will try the curcumin for a bit as well cheers buddy
  11. cracking joints !

    not sure dude what those mean but im not on any sort of gear ,
  12. cracking joints !

    na lol my knee been very sore for a while now ,tripped at work carrying bag cement ,fell on my knees been sore ever since .
  13. cracking joints !

    been to docs , got ibuprofen and told to rest up , unless your dying these days docs just dont want to know !!got normal scan when went to a and e but showed nothing .
  14. cracking joints !

    Hi do any off u guys suffers from cracking /clicking joints , i noticed my joints seem do be cracking alot at the minute with knees getting some actual pain as well.any supp suggestions i coukd look into too ,taking omega 3 and guclosmine .