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  1. Coke ED and viagra??

    Ffs now I'm into the idea again hahaha
  2. What a fu**ing day

  3. What a fu**ing day

    Pics of tits or no mrs! naturally!!
  4. Coke ED and viagra??

    Hahaha you know the script
  5. Coke ED and viagra??

    Haha yea your prob right mate I'm sure I'll get one of two keys given of a mate or two so not to much and plenty of time to wear off where as if I get a gram of my own I'll be in the men's every 20 minutes and gurning with a shriveled little fella come bed time
  6. Obscure nominations for a place in heaven

    Adolf Hitler
  7. Coke ED and viagra??

    I know I'm starting to think it's a bad idea tbf, my mate the guy I get it off said the same lol
  8. Coke ED and viagra??

    Does it mate? Do you do it often, it's my wedding night and I don't want to be steaming so was gonna get a bit of sniff just to allow myself to be more sociable and chatty to our guest lol but f**k going back to the room with a limp dick that'd be disastrous but I also don't want a heart attack
  9. Coke ED and viagra??

    Yea I was thinking that myself! Not very healthy I know but I was just thinking like half a viagra at the end of the night not whilst I'm off mi nut lol
  10. Coke ED and viagra??

    So does anyone know if viagra counteracts the dreaded limp D*^k after a few lines.
  11. Pharmatek

    Anyone used this or heard anything of it. It's cheap and my local source has started stocking it! I'm obvsly dubious bcs I've never heard of it and I can't find anything about on the forums. But my source does seem to only stock decent stuff tbf to him
  12. Infiniti Tri-Tren 150mg - anybody used??

    Haha yea mate I'm ok I still lurk on here just to keep an eye on what ppl are saying about gear really, keep my finger on the pulse so to speak. I let things slip over Xmas just cruised and didn't train for over a month and lost a bit of size but I'm back at it now just blasting test only
  13. Infiniti Tri-Tren 150mg - anybody used??

    I've used Infiniti and sis tritren it fid what it should. Should be spot on mate
  14. On the face of it I'd say yes mate go for it but it's a decision only you can make. What else would you want us to say? All the best with it. 500-750mg test e for 12 weeks mate have a good read and use an ai
  15. Sis Labs Review

    I can give a review by proxy for a mate I got 50ml of their deca for, he said cheers I'm loving that test and deca you got me when I saw him the other day lol he looked quite full too. That's the best I can do