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  1. Tight upper traps?

    Hi all, I am a bit confused as to whether or not I should directly be training my upper traps. I have been focusing a lot since the new year on fixing my rounded shoulders and including a lot of lower traps and rhomboid work. I have seen improvements in these areas and my posture has improved however my upper traps are still quite tight. I have read I need to stretch the upper traps, which I do every now and then but just find it boring to be honest. I would rather lifts weights if it helps, I am thinking of focusing more on directly training the upper traps but am not sure if this will help improve the tightness or make it worse?
  2. Part time furlough?

    Haven't had it yet, very busy day yesterday with only 2 of us working from midday when normally there would be 5. It is like the above every Monday and Tuesday and then the rest of the week have a couple of part timers in. I have also realised I am in a good position, yes very busy and overworked at times but at least I will still have a job and be in good position in a month or so to ask for decent raise.
  3. Part time furlough?

    Yes I know that I need to be on it by this Wednesday 10th which likely won’t happen. Will mention it tomorrow and see if anything can be done.
  4. Part time furlough?

    10million people have been on furlough the last 10 weeks loving life and I am asking for a few days that is all. You don't know anything
  5. Part time furlough?

    Lol well in this case thats not the way it is. I have been the only one in my department other then the managers who have been full time the last 3 months and just feel could do with a little break, even a week off would do i’m not asking for weeks or months like others have had.
  6. Part time furlough?

    We are actually one of the few companies who have gone through this without much damage. Business isn't far off from normal and have gained a lot of new business due to demand during these times. We have furloughed 50% of staff overall and yet sales are not far off from normal. Those of us left have just had their workload increased and i’m not struggling, just a bit tired really and want a bit of free money like my other colleagues on furlough have had the last 10 weeks.
  7. Part time furlough?

    I am one of the stronger staff so I can’t go on furlough until we have someone back to cover me. If I don’t go on furlough at all then in a month or so which marks a year at the company I will be in a good position to ask for a decent raise at least.
  8. Part time furlough?

    Well what I am going to mention on Monday is the days I have off get some of those who have been on furlough the last 10 weeks to come in on those days to cover me. My problem is I don't know If i have to be put on furlough by 10th June or registered for Furlough by then. If I have to be on furlough by that time then that wont happen as those who are currently on furlough cannot come back part time until 1st July so I we will have no staff to cover me for the next 3 weeks. I will bring it up with my managers on Monday to see what can be done.
  9. Part time furlough?

    Hi all, Have just been reading the latest on the furlough scheme and how from 1st July you can be furloughed and work part time but for those who have not been furloughed yet this has to be arranged by next Tuesday 10th June. I have worked throughout all of this my normal full time hours and lately have been considering asking to go part time for a bit or be put on furlough for a few weeks. We have had staff cut by 75% in my department since April 1st and the work load has increased a lot over the last few weeks so just after a little break or part time hours for a bit. I don't think its fair for me to have to use my holiday to have a break whilst my other colleagues have been on furlough for over 10 weeks now getting paid for doing nothing so feel this part time furlough would suit me. I have read how you can get paid your normal wage when you work and then 80% the days you don’t so thinking of asking to work 3 days a week and be put on furlough the other 2. Anyone know any more about this new part time furlough or have any views on it? I just feel as I was going to ask to go part time for a bit I might as well go on part time furlough and get paid the days I am off too.
  10. Booking a November holiday?

    Im sure the last 6 weeks have been a holiday for lots of people, not bad getting paid 80% for doing fck all lol. Nothing has changed for me however have worked right through and will continue all year so am just hoping to get away at some point.
  11. Hi all, Thinking of booking a 10 day holiday at the beginning of November to somewhere in the Canary Islands as like a lot of us feel could do with a holiday at some point this year. I personally feel November will be fine, the signs are good at the moment and it is over 5 months away and Spain confirmed yesterday that tourism will resume from July. When I mention my plans of booking this trip to friends and family the majority think I am being stupid and say shouldn't go anywhere this year. I was briefly looking last night and for £550pp we can get flights and 10 day stay, at worst we will get a credit if we cant fly which we can use next year so no real problem there. Would be interesting to see how others on here feel about going away end of this year, anyone else got planned trips they are hopeful to be going on?
  12. Back/Biceps workout at home?

    I got through the morning session in half hour. I just feel I am able to push myself more by doing back in the morning then biceps in the evening on the same day. I will try it again on Wednesday
  13. Back/Biceps workout at home?

    So this morning I trained back with the following: Deadlift 4x8 Barbell row 3x10 Facepulls with resistance bands 3x15 I then did Biceps just half hour ago: Incline dumbbell curl 4x10 Dumbbell hammer curl 4x10 I went to do Biceps after back this morning but was tired and having just done them now separately i felt I could push myself more. Haven't done two workouts in one day before, is it OK to do so or best not to?
  14. Hi, I have a bench, barbell & dumbbells at home and was wondering if any could recommend a good back/biceps workout. When I first started training I didn’t focus too much on back and I want to fix that by focusing on it a lot more and start hitting back/biceps twice a week, thinking every Monday & Thursday. Could anyone recommend a good workout or exercises to mainly focus on? I am thinking something like the following: 4x10 Deadlift 3x10 Barbell row 3x10 Batwing row 4x10 Barbell curl
  15. Pelvic tilt fix?

    Hi, Anterior pelvic tilt, i’ve had it for a while but its become more noticeable lately due to me focusing a lot more on my back training fixing my rounded shoulders. My back is now bigger which has made the arch in the lower back more noticeable.