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  1. I'm just shocked that somebody likes a My Protein flavour tbh
  2. Did that the wrong way sadly; pinning quads for your first time, then training legs shortly afterwards - error. Quads are a bast@rd to get right to begin with and can easily give you a load of grief. I'd suggest glutes or personally I always found delts and pecs easiest as you don't have to twist around to see what you are doing either.
  3. Sudden sciatica

    This. alternatively it might be a tight piriformis muscle which the sciatic nerve passes under in your glute. When that gets tight it can restrict the nerve and give sciatica like symptoms but not quite as bad as those caused by a bulging disc.
  4. London

    Any kind of food in particular? China town is always good value if you pick the right place (Wong Keys or Mr Wu's are probably the best).
  5. London

    Smokestak in Shoreditch if you fancy some really good (but a bit fancy) proper US style BBQ, Blues Kitchen in Camden is also good. Kensington whilst nice is tourist city so it's mainly chains there on the High St or high end and expensive places near the nice hotels. Depends what you want really.
  6. Out of interest what smokers do your 'smokehouse masters' use for the pork butts?
  7. What brand of fish oil do you get?

    The suggested dose is around 2-4 g of EPA & DHA combined each day - the capsules I take have about 500mg combined per cap so 6 a day is 3g. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/fish-oil-benefits-tip-the-scales-in-your-favor.html
  8. Pepto Pro and Cluster Dextrin

    They are both best taken during your session along with whatever other intra wo supps you may use (if any)
  9. What brand of fish oil do you get?

    Club Vits high strength ones off ebay about 6 a day.
  10. Cake temptation is killing me!

    Eat the fvcking cake then go and do some cardio if your demons are really chewing at your ear. However unless you're prepping for a comp I really don't see why you'd be stressing about this sort of thing.
  11. Yes, went there for a fortnight a few years ago. It's nice, pretty quiet and the main city Orangestad (spelling) is a nice enough place to wander about. It is full of Americans though as it's a very quick flight for them so that does effect the food in hotels as it's geared towards them. Overall a nice place but I personally wouldn't go back just because it's pretty quiet and I prefer to do more things on holidays. Lovely for chilling on the beach though.
  12. EU... We ain't out yet...!

    No that was a master class in how to very clearly shut down the entire nonsense that spews from labour back benchers all too often. Shame the whole debate isn't there would have been funny to see if she responded but I suspect she thought better of it
  13. EU... We ain't out yet...!

    Parliament 'has' to vote in favor of triggering article 50 as ultimately MP's are there to represent the voices of their constituents; who voted to leave In the real world it's never this simple though so interesting times ahead.