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  1. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    Ok, so I'm back tentatively! I need somewhere to keep focus and also get advice so what better place...even if it is a bit weird. I've been keeping up with the gym (two full body sessions a week) and loving it and already seeing a big difference, especially in my legs...I actually feel like I've almost gotten my body back and maybe a few months away from looking better than I did before I had kids. I also feel so much younger. I'm struggling with my upper body though due to pain in my shoulders. I can't do the chest press anymore or do side shoulder raises. I can do front shoulder raises and pull-ups though. I've had issues with my shoulders before and think I've either aggravated an existing issue or maybe strained the tendons and need to give them a rest but I'm wondering what I should do for a rounded upper body workout. Any suggestions anyone?
  2. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    How's it declining? Less frequent posting and lower quality contributors?
  3. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    I've been keeping up the training and already had some nice comments from people. But I've decided not to be logging things here. Everything is so different in my life now that I feel like UK-M should remain in my past. And if things have gone a bit backwards with regards to sexism then I don't really want to be experiencing that. All the best to those who remember be from back then :)
  4. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    Thank you Have you had a name change? I recognise your Avi but not the name? Twins are amazing thank you! Just incredible
  5. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    I didn't think you were arguing or disputing what I was saying I'm.very cautious what I put into my body so ideally want to see how I can use diet for longevity but I do take the odd supplement e.g. high doses of vitamin D. Re: calories...my appetite changes on keto...sometimes I fast almost by accident but days like today, I want to keep eating! I don't know why but tonight I just want to eat loads!! But I bet tomorrow I hardly eat.
  6. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    I wouldn't want to take anything to achieve what my body can do naturally through diet.
  7. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    My intention with fasting is to prompt autophagy for which I'd need to be in keto to both ensure I don't turn to burning muscle for energy. But the fasts are the only time I'll be low on calories and even if I go into 'economy mode' it shouldn't hinder muscle mass as my body has lots of fat to burn.
  8. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    That might happen to me! I debated instagram as it's easier but that's way too public for me!
  9. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    Thank you I'm hoping this thread will keep me accountable and so I won't slack!
  10. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    This is my first time lifting weights on keto but from what I understand, maintaining and building muscle is actually more effective when on keto.
  11. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    I started it over 2 months ago and have only gotten headaches when I've gone off keto and back onto carbs and then back to keto. After about 48 hours of my glucose stores being used up I get a headache as my body goes back to keto again. From what I understand, the more my body gets used to flipping between the two it will become easier and unnoticeable. The very first time I did it about 10 weeks ago, I felt awful for days. And then each time it's gotten less significant. I don't intend to be in keto 24/7 as I want my body to be good at switching between the two so about 1-2 times a week I have a portion of carbs.
  12. Hera's return after a 4 year break

    So, I'm pretty feeble at the moment and not too confident about the weights I can do but the routine I'm doing is: Seated Leg Press Barbell Squats Leg Extension Hamstring Curl Pull Ups Cable Tricep Extension Side Shoulder Raises Front Shoulder Raises Pec Fly Machine 3 x 6 reps. Increasing weight to failure. My first session back at the gym was a bit tentative but on Wednesday I really pushed myself and really feeling the DOMS now! Feels good. Back again on Sunday. My aim is to improve my shape more than anything; I'm very aware that I'm fighting age now...need to keep my butt lifted and get some shape back into my legs. My waist has gone back to how it was since kids except I know that my abs haven't fused back together (I can sometimes feel the gap). Not much I can do about it as far as I understand but might have some mesh surgically put in some day. Diet wise I'm basically keto; super low carbs, high fat and moderate protein. So lots of avacados, eggs, olive oil, coconut fat, nuts, dairy, loads of greens. I do however want metabolic flexibility though and so about twice a week increase my carbs briefly. It doesn't always totally throw me out of keto but I know when it has because I then get horrible headaches when my body runs out of glucose...but each time the headaches are less severe so I think my body is starting to adapt. I'll soon be looking to do 24 hour fasts once a week and then maybe a 3-5 day fast 3 times a year...when I'm a bit more used to is. So that's the loose plan so far.
  13. Hello. Some people who stumble across this might remember me from a few years ago... My fitness and diet took a bit of a nose dive about 4 years ago following IVF treatment and then carrying and raising twins whilst also running a business. But 4 years on I'm finally in a place where I can put some time and thought into myself and my well being. I moved home 2 months ago and am now much happier with a good work-family-life balance. I started on a ketogenic diet around the same time for health reasons and started back at the gym last week. I'm doing 2 full body weights session a week with the key focus on building muscle whilst also trying to continue dropping body fat. I want to ensure I stay motivated and thought that tracking it here might help. I'll post my routine up in a bit and then just update it as and when I attend the gym...
  14. Tag and flirt thread

    How nice to be remembered