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  1. Yes I have. Its by design, it was developed for patients with burns, who obviously need to rest, recover from their accident / trauma they've gone through. So if it makes you a little sleepy then its best to take it with a black coffee during the day, pre-workout. i've tended to take one 25mg or 50mg tablet by 12pm lunchtime at the latest, because i start my workout in the day, before late afternoon kicks in 4/5pm, and another around between 7-9pm. It has a half life of 8hrs, so depending on what minimum gear people use, as i do not use too much, i needed another tablet in the evening, to tie me over through the night, and maintain nitrogen retention.
  2. I've got some brown spots on the side of my face, that weren't there before i started gear use. So does accutane help get rid of spots?
  3. Can you expand..what dose and how much test? You only run test and deca, or other things are needed
  4. Also for me NPP, I had less water than on deca. 2-3 injections a week, I had all the good joint support I expected. long acting deca, takes longer to kick in, over 5 weeks, and the deca dick Is noticeable, unless test dose is double - then maybe you don’t get deca dick
  5. Which gear do people avoid specifically because of this, and have any of you got workarounds, a daily scrub i use, but my head particularly changes colour into a dark brown tan, when ever i go on anavar or masteron. If anyone know's the science why this happens, i.e. the body turns it into this, something goes upto the head to make this color change, i'm intrigued to know, Please share your experiences, and suggestions to get away from oily greasy foreheads if its possible. I am yet to use DHB, EQ, Tbol, and Primo, any know if this is a less of issue on these compounds?
  6. I used Nexus NPP and got zero pip, mixed it with test e.
  7. Good Deca?

    Ok, what else did you run with it?
  8. I have used Dunning's gear, its ok. Anavar 25mg, anavar 50mg , cialis, Test E, Test C, and test 300mg combination Test E and Test C. Nothing to scream and shout about, geniunely the lab is okay. But, triumph was good. Nexus anavar just finished was good, , and hygene pharma NPP and now deca and masteron seeem okay, too. Keifei anavar 2 10mg tablets was much stronger than 25mg anavar from dunnings. I think, any current labs been around for 5 or so more years, with the same name, are all doing a decent enough / reasonable job. Otherwise they'd have very few customers, and packed up, a while back, Just my thoughts...
  9. Good Deca?

    In your opinion, compared to other deca's 300mg / ml or 200mg / ml, is it potent? dosed right....? Would you say its really strong, or just ok This is the first time I've ran deca, Previously used Test e, test c, from other labs.
  10. Good Deca?

    At what dose? I'm 6 weeks in of using 250mg test e, 150mg of hygene pharma deca once a week, with their masteron e 100mg of a week. Is this ok? Thinking of doing this for 12 weeks.
  11. What are you taking with the anavar 50mg? On a empty stomach, glass of water? Lots of people, do this and find it doesn't suit / or work for them. Whether your doing this, or not, Orals like Anavar, are best taken with little food, + 1g-3g of Omega 3 fish oil capsules (Cod liver is best). Your much less likely to get stomach discomfort. Also, those who take their orals with porridge oats get bloated, think its the oral, but its the huge food, gluten, or protein shake and lactose causing the bloating.
  12. Hygene sus/var

    We know each Lab's var, can be rightly or not rightly dosed, and the rest is filler. My experience: Rohm var (50-75mg) pretty good, Ive used Keifei pharma's and 4 x 10mg tabs - 40mg a day (split am / pm) was a good dose. Trumph var was strong, 50mg was enough. Dunnings i used 25mg, and it was hit and miss, and not on par with the Keifei pharma. On hygene pharma's NPP, and its doing what its supposed to, with proviron and test enanthate, and a low dose of 150mg NPP a week, is good for me. Its a not a size building cycle, which some here have / want
  13. Tbol or Anavar

    In majority of cases when using these two compounds, to avoid mental health side affects, as you say it was messing with your head, is because your test needs to be double what your deca dose, is. This is in TRT literature, particuarly for AIDS waisting patients, and men over 40. It sounds like you didn't know this 2:1 ratio ! For 2 weeks, you basically did a total of 500mg of gear, and for ease, you went for 1ml of each, to draw from. So you had 2ml in a syringe, you can't really do these two like that. You'll get less head issues, better confidence, clarity, less anxiety, less depression on 2:1 ratio. If your test dose you use is 300mg test e then add 150mg deca 400mg test e + 200mg dec 600mg test e + 300mg deca People have used 750mg of test e, and 400mg deca, and had no issues. Take care.
  14. Take as much as you want. Your crazy for creating your own problems. Sort them out before you call people crazy, idiot. "Not much, 4 iu daily subc when waking up. I never had these mild breathing problems before. Body fat has also only gone down over the last twelve months It did start occuring around the same time as i started injection in the morning tho, instead of before bed? Also not sure how relevant but during this period I have also increased my eggs and meat consumption. However, I'm also currently sick so might aswell be Corona related lol. I will keep an eye on it and consider getting a BP monitor
  15. Dorian blames Insulin for ruining his physique, and he was 8IU GH a day. I bet your'll have / get GH gut without being on Insulin even on 2IU a day. You'll also be insulin resistance,