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  1. Haha
    Spieren reacted to js77 in I’ve never really started a thread like this before but what are your thoughts   
    I think it’s a  wonderful thing to hear mate. It shows what a wholesome soul you have . If I had a daughter I’d be more than happy for you marry her x
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    Spieren reacted to Ironman TS in Nexus test e 300 pip   
    May have changed the range maybe?  Certainly used to be 2 versions of the Test E 
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    Spieren reacted to js77 in Winstrol injections   
    Can this forum really get any worse?
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    Spieren reacted to js77 in Second Cycle suggestions (want to bulk up)   
    Oxy is a far better option .... test/19nor/DHT....... perfect combo !
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    Spieren reacted to Ironman TS in Second Cycle suggestions (want to bulk up)   
    Do some more reading on AI use mate - 1 Arimidex per day is too much for most people.
    In a nutshell you want to use as little AI as you can get away with but it varies hugely from person to person.
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    Spieren reacted to Tricky in which PED is the best for endurance?   
    I used winny at 100mg per day for 12 weeks. Run 30 miles a week with no joint issues at 100kg 6ft. Many ufc fighters use winstrol. The East Germans prescribe their athletes winstrol and test p. 
    Many body building forums and bro science repeat joint issues just like they did repeat to use milk thistle 10 years ago 
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    Spieren got a reaction from Robbie in UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)   
    Hi @Robbie Had your add pop up on my FB feed. Personally I didn’t rate my own FB add campaign, just thought I’d let you know it’s hitting the audience.
    I bought a few bits from UK Medi. Easy site navigation and ordering. Everything arrived on the day it was promised. 10/10
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    Spieren reacted to Frandeman in BTC 19000 usd   
    More people buying 
    More price goes up 
    f**k the bankers 
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    Spieren reacted to lewdylewd in BTC 19000 usd   
    Seems driven buy devaluation of the USD and predicted inflation in coming years.
    Also it’s gaining “credibility” as banks, institutional investors & worlds richest man (Papa Elon) have all invested billions, it’s not just guys on the internet and drug dealers anymore.
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    Spieren reacted to Robbie in UKMEDI.CO.UK - New site sponsor :)   
    It’s official, we now have a monthly direct debit made out to uk-muscle.co.uk!
    If you want to help us pay it off then you’re more than welcome to come spend all your hard earned furlough cash at https://ukmedi.co.uk where you will be welcomed with a UKM10 10% discount code
    We’ve got a few existing customers in here so if you want to leave a review about us that would be great thanks!
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    Spieren reacted to PSevens2017 in Roadmap out of lockdown?   
    I’m not just a pretty face you know, Terbs! 

  12. Haha
    Spieren reacted to Cronus in Roadmap out of lockdown?   
    It's not a laughing matter mate its quite serious. 
  13. Haha
    Spieren reacted to Simon90 in Roadmap out of lockdown?   
    It was just on sky news on TV that Furlough scheme is being extended til Jan 2022 for the fitness industry. That sounds like they won't open til next year ffs 
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    Spieren reacted to TERBO in Anyone ever been a victim of road rage and how do you deal with it ?   
    What happened to the full tablecloth, I liked that as it reminded me of the old Ace Cafe car meets in London?
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    Spieren got a reaction from gavzilla in Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300   
    You’re right. Sounds like a German WWII aircraft 
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    Spieren reacted to Ares in IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha Arrested   
    I mean.. I'm not even sure what I'm meant to retort with here. I'm in no way saying the conduct of the officers involved is justified from that video clip. But, if it's your preference to live in a reality where all police officers, everywhere, and every single thing each of them does = universally and unequivocally bad, or the persona you've cultivated for yourself is to hold this belief then you do you, big man! I truly hope that you or yours never need them in any capacity.  As for "The police are being feckless and lazy" and the link you've attached, it's behind a paywall for me so I can't really comment. I'd be interested to see how these reports have been estimated though! 
    Glad you mentioned that first point as it highlights another glaring example of a lack of critical thinking. Most (possibly all) of the covid.. deniers/critics/whatever here on UKM just seem to be a bit miffed they can't go to the gym or the pub, and some not even that, their wallets are still flush! They just don't agree with the lockdowns! Personally though I've lost a colleague, that was a walking talking human being with a name that doesn't exist anymore. I've lost a job, and a year of my life but I'm trying to make do. Does that make my way of thinking 'right'? No, but at least I'm being objective.. And are the general public 'happy' though? Have you taken a nationwide census? I'd love to see the results... or are you spouting vitriolic nonsense, pandering to a certain audience on this forum? 

    "Do people not understand that business is potentially all he has as a way of paying bills and feeding himself."

    No idea, but I will definitely shrug my shoulders and say he wasn't meant to have an open gym in the first place.. and I doubt that was his only source of income! With a bit of digging.. he doesn't seem to be an on-the-level businessman. So, sympathy for the guy is towards the 'meh' level. There are various gym owners in this community like @Bensifthat are abiding and getting by. f**k this guy for just deciding the law doesn't apply to him (although that doesn't mean he deserved a knee to the gut). 

    I also hope anyone that is struggling for bills has applied for or knows that they can apply for government assistance and gets the help they need. As I mentioned earlier, I lost my job.. I adapted and managed to get a new one - it's quite possible. 
    Another critical-thinking mastermind here! He was hardly being quiet about deciding to keep his gym open (against the law), was he, posting multiple videos about it on his social media platforms.. makes the jealously 'point' completely moot. You sound a bit narrow minded tbh. 
  17. Haha
  18. Haha
    Spieren reacted to js77 in Your favourite kitchen gadget that hasn’t ended up at the back of the cupboard   
    I’d say Mrs Steele, without a doubt .
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    Spieren reacted to OptimumPT in It’s my birthday 58 today (will I make 60)   
    Happy Birthday, “We won’t give up on you baby”
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    Spieren reacted to Ken Hutchinson in It’s my birthday 58 today (will I make 60)   
    Cheers mate, no drugs, no drink, plenty of tea and chocolate though lol
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    Spieren got a reaction from Ken Hutchinson in It’s my birthday 58 today (will I make 60)   
    Happy Birthday Ken. Treat yourself to some Deca mate. 
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    Spieren got a reaction from TERBO in Tv sound effects loud, speaking quiet   
    You’re tone deaf mate, just like me. Paying the price of clubbing Buddy 
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    Spieren reacted to ThatsLife in Gfs that smoke.   
    Ducking brilliant thread! Keep it up lads
    I'll add my two pence:
    No smoking, 
    No drinking
    No drugs 
    No fatties
    No "sense of entitlement" 
    No attention seeking
    No backchatting
    No makeup
    No sluttery of any kind
    No social media
    Basically if she doesn't bend over backwards (or forwards;) to my every whim then she's for the streets. 
    I'm single by the way. 
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    Spieren reacted to Pez189 in Tv sound effects loud, speaking quiet   
    I had an issue with my tv sound this morning. Cat lost the sound bar remote, and my TV speakers are shite (as are most modern TVs). Took me ages to find the damn remote, turns out there’s as a stash of stuff he’s buried deep under the sofa. Few usb sticks, keys, cables. Haha. 
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    Spieren reacted to Restless83 in Home gym pissing contest   
    There we are boys a plate loaded pully using various sized tubes,couple of swivels and a greased up pin from a 8m unit beam haha...good for tri push/ext,straight arm pulldown,standing row with underhand grip feels good,touch high for face pulls but I'll manage