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  1. Will vet go away?

    Geezers a ledge
  2. Keep your gear in the side table and sack the under bed draw off mate Im a bit jel that you have an under bed draw full of gear
  3. I remember reading something on my local FB page. The poster didn’t like walking past the local gym because the guys were all outside flexing their muscles and leaving needles all over the place. Complete bollox but that kind of ignorance gets absorbed.
  4. You only have to google ‘steroids’ to get 2 pages of horror stories. It’s probably down there with drinking ‘White Lightning’ and sniffing glue
  5. All looks good to me @Lewpix If the T-shirt size is going up, it really doesn’t matter what the scales say. Keep an eye on waist measurement though, if that’s going up, you’re probably putting on fat.
  6. High Carb/Low Fat Dieting for Fat Loss

    Well done Buddy. Im not a fan of low carbs myself, although I have had excellent results from no carbs at all. It’s all about shaking it all up now and then imo. Keep up the good work
  7. Shave ya head, get a selection of baseball caps, jobs a good’un
  8. Booking a November holiday?

    You may just get a voucher mate. I can’t speak for all travel insurance companies, but mine accepts a voucher to be as good as a full cash refund, not ideal unless your happy to just defer your holiday. I’m not sure about ATOL protection on vouches, I heard the gov are gonna change the rules.
  9. Medichecks and similar providers

    FB has just informed me that Thriva have 10% off
  10. Booking a November holiday?

    I should be in Spain now. Got a voucher from accommodation, getting a refund from airline and cancelled car. Have a holiday booked for end August too. Will pay the last payment end of May. If we go, we go. If not we’ll just get a credit plus 20% and go next year. TBH. This last 6 weeks has been like a holiday, for me at least
  11. Medichecks and similar providers

    Thanks (ran out of reactions again..!) We’ll probably have to order another 3 at some point, so worth us looking for a better deal
  12. Medichecks and similar providers

    Damn she’s quick. I just asked her, it’s probably common knowledge, but only Superdrug, Amazon and Boots are licensed to sell them Bud.
  13. Experian credit score

    Bill Gates controlling us all with debt..
  14. Tell her it’s 5G antibody mate. Plenty of @wylde99 posts on here to back you up