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  1. Will covid 19 go away

  2. Impressive CV Vet. Looks like you take s**t from nobody and know how to put people well and truly in their place. Have you considered becoming a Doctors Receptionist.?
  3. If only they’d called themselves ’One pound fifty land’ they probably woulda got threw this
  4. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    Personally, I’d up my protein. Macros around the 40/40/20 p/c/f. Some prefer higher fats, some will say less protein. I’d start calories at 500 over maintenance. I pinch my belly fat regularly to see if I’m putting on fat. If I am, I’ll reduce cals, if not, I’ll consider more cals. Good luck Bud
  5. Space X is a lie

    God was stoned when he designed Australia, just look at the platypus
  6. Space X is a lie

    Cyclones and anticyclones go in the opposite direction too Mate. How techie am I
  7. That’s what happens when you jetwash a cut n shut Buddy.
  8. Looks like @vetran did the full 2 years
  9. Stone Island

    I still wear Stone Island. But then, I look like a hooligan whatever I wear.
  10. Mate of mine had the devil on his hand. When he had a long sleeve top on, it looked like a giant bell-end
  11. Fat people annoy me

    I’ve written a lot of diets for fat people over the years. What surprises me the most is how much knowledge of nutrition many of them have. This leads me to the conclusion that it’s not greed, lazyness, or not giving a fcuk, more a psychological problem. Girls with moustaches, now that’s fcuked up..
  12. Did you not get your May (80%) grant Bud.?
  13. Get a ‘Borstal Dot’ Bit of ink and a sewing needle, done in 5 mins. You know it makes sense.
  14. I’m going back in a couple of weeks (Sole trader) My diary is filling up nicely