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  1. Purely wasted resources for me Bud. I can afford to buy, so I buy. Who sponsors Needle Exchange mate..?
  2. National Lockdown

    But.... Do you have a meme to back all this up..?
  3. I always say very loudly STEROID PACK B PLEASE..? Like it’s gonna make the whole chemist think I’m a good, clean living, athlete.
  4. I believe people would pay more for Ron & Reg memorabilia. @KETONES paid 20k just to bum one of Ron’s ex’s
  5. Any good films on netflix

    I flicked through the first 5 mins. The guy needs a fukin good shower, not muscle and steds
  6. Meal prep

    Too late now. I need to know if OP sorted his Tupperware or if he had to retire from BBing...
  7. Any good films on netflix

    I thought Plex was some kind of hacked firestick. This made me investigate. Thanks Bro
  8. Bank of England tour

    I have 50 million in my loft. One note. Pre WWI German Marks. Total value 50p
  9. Any good films on netflix

    Watched the first episode, got the gist of it, didn’t feel the need to watch any more Bud.
  10. I actually love the social side of a gym. Not talking long winded political chat, just a bit of banter while working. @Restless83 You’re supposed to stand on the smith, spanner spinning, whistling at the women. Call yourself a scaffolder.....
  11. I’m not sure who sponsors Needle Exchange, I’d rather not waste their resources. I buy online. I have used NE if I run short or for sharps box. I don’t have a problem queuing up with junkies, great place to pick up a new stereo, cheap TV, or Grandma’s jewellery. Edit: I do not buy stolen domestic goods, I’m joking
  12. Cruising atm. Will blast in March regardless. I have just enough kit to grow.
  13. 5’ 9” 218lbs Its not so much stats as cals burned. My RHR is 60, my average at work is 120
  14. I have a power rack, bench, barbel, 150kg of plates. Even if I got some DBs, I’d prefer the gym.
  15. Holidays 2021

    Not as good a Scapa Flow.. Seriously, is Truk Lagoon on your bucket list Bud..?