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  1. First cycle.? If I were you I’d run 450mg of test E. have a read up on the stickies regarding first cycle, PCT, and managing E2 first, just to get yourself fully informed and ready for what could go wrong. I definitely wouldn’t run Tren on a first cycle buddy.
  2. Good nick over 50

    Thanks mate. That was 7-8 years ago. I’m pretty much in the same shape now, although I’m making a comeback after 4 years off. tbh. It just gets harder.
  3. Good nick over 50

    I love it mate. I added 200mg to my last blast. Had all the relief of 600mg. I guess it’s user dependent, I seem to get water retention in my joints but not overall buddy.
  4. Good nick over 50

    Me at 50. Not as good a shape as some. I think genetics are the big influence here. When I was a 30 yo alcoholic, most thought I looked like an athlete.
  5. Good nick over 50

    I’m dropping to cruise soon buddy. I’ll add 100mg. We can compare notes ?
  6. Good nick over 50

    I’m also a big fan of Deca. Ive found adding a low dose of 200mg to every bulk to be beneficial. I may try 50mg on my next cruise to see what benefits that has.
  7. Dat choo Greta..?
  8. Libido taken a hiding

    Why ask what to do.? You already know exactly what you going to do
  9. Wtf happened to Rohm ..?
  10. Jimmy’s Journal

    Nice Journal @jimmydeen Good luck mate, I’ll be following
  11. Blast n Cruise

    Yes buddy.
  12. Advice needed

    No. Beard will come with puberty buddy
  13. Stacked with grade A cocaine I would imagine buddy
  14. It’s the same in many walks of life. Guys with performance cars that can’t drive. Folk wearing designer clothes with no style. Im sure I could think of more examples. So long as they’re happy, let them crack on