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  1. Pinning delts...

    Pinch the injection site to tighten the skin Bud. Pin goes in a treat. Release the skin once through though
  2. It’s his doctor I feel sorry for. Bet he stamps his feet and hums when he’s trying to tell him how to sub-q
  3. For years I got all my gear off an ‘associate’. Always good, never had any complaints. I wish I had kept all my empties. I’d love to post them on here to see the feedback..
  4. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    No Bud. Self employed, 57, no underlying health issues. Never been offered or advised to have one.
  5. Do you get the flu vaccine?

    Getting mine in December. Apparently later than it should be due to high volume in vaccine requests. A bit odd really. I never asked for the vaccine and have never been offered one before now
  6. What does everyone do for a living?

    Not at my prices Buddy
  7. First cycle plan

    Hi Buddy. One question. What’s to say you won’t make some good progress with TRT on you second year.?
  8. Rohm (advice)

    Clear as day to me mate. It’s a Test E loading phase review.
  9. Have Medichecks pulled their priick tests then.? This begs the question, have they knowingly been providing inaccurate tests and taking good money for them.?
  10. Rohm (advice)

    Wanna be more confused..? He swapped from Sphinx to Rohm a week ago.
  11. Old enough for first cycle

    You will Buddy and it feels great. Someone like yourself that’s been training hard for a good few years will explode on 5-600mg test.
  12. Can a house be too big?

    @Sasnak & @Kazza61 Boil wash or tumble dry her favourite jumper. Yes, it will cost you upwards of £50 to replace, but you will NEVER be trusted with the laundry again.. #HomeHack
  13. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Bit like Scooby Doo then.?