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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome buddy
  2. Older or younger?

    25-30 is the sweet spot for me nowadays. Used to love a fit milf when I was younger.
  3. Is my ROHM legit ??

    Just started their t400 myself. Day 3 and strength and pump going up up
  4. Hi El Chapo I remember years ago on datbtrue forum. Quite a few people on there recommended drinking fruit teas containing hibiscus to lower blood pressure. Is this something you believe is grounded in medical studies? cheers.
  5. I’ve been getting in to cardio again lately. I quite like the air bike machine. Steady state for 30 mins burns 400 cals, always feel good after, but getting there takes a lot of mental effort. Old habits die hard.
  6. Alprostadil/caverject/PGE-1
  7. Is this board dead?

    It’s definitely quieter. Still many good peeps on here.
  8. 500 per ml vs 250 per ml

    PIP ain’t s**t if you break it down to 1ml slins. A numb dead feeling at worst.
  9. Cheapest ready meals

    Think muscle food used to do them. Never used though.

    Similar day then. It was very uncomfortable. I must of had 200 micro injections during anaesthetic. Not painful just highly irritating, then my scalp burned for the rest of the day, the numb burning sensation. All of my transplanted hair has fallen out. Even some of my real hair. Still a bit red. Wouldn’t want to go through this again tbh. Hopefully though, by the summer, should be looking decent.

    Wasn’t the best experience tbh. I don’t recommend the clinic. Gethair. I had to wait over an hour at the airport before my ‘chauffeur’ arrived. Wasn’t the clinics fault but was a bad start. Hotel was good, nothing like a brochure though. Food was good at the hotel, staff were great. Spent most of the time in the lobby chilling with the staff. Found a good restaurant down the road. 400g T bone steak with all the trimmings. Drink and a coffee for around £14. Good value. Clinic was not even remotely like the ‘modern facilities’ advertised as per the website. It was a partitioned room in a general hospital. One half was a lounge area. The nurse asked if I’d like a coffee. Sure. But she dropped the coffee machine lid down the back of the unit. I pulled it out so she could retrieve it. Underneath it looked like someone had emptied a Hoover bag all over the floor. It was filthy. The surgery room looked about 30 years outdated. There was a toilet in there, and staff from throughout the hospital floor (not involved in my surgery) were coming and going during the surgery to use it. Wasn’t impressed. I paid an extra £600 for the doctor to be involved. He spent a whole two minutes drawing my hairline on. Then disappeared during the anaesthetic and extraction phase. Popped back to open up the incisions about midday, then left. Never saw him again, not at the end of the day or during my post op check up the next day. Literally spent less than an hour with him the whole time. Waste of money. The techs were pretty good, it was all them tbh, think they did a good job. They did the anaesthetic, extractions and implantations. Results should be ok. Paid for 3600 but only got 3500..FUE I was given a prescription for finasteride and minoxidil. Went to the pharmacy down the road. They wanted £25 per bottle of minoxidil and £30 per 28 tabs of 1mg finasteride. Which I didn’t get. Can pick them up on ADC for a fraction of the price. The chauffeur who drove me back to the airport was a madman. Watching YouTube on his phone and texting people during rush hour, doing 50-60 mph. I had to tell him not to look/play with his phone. Which he didn’t appreciate to put it mildly. I think the results should be ok, although the experience was pretty darn dismal. It was just a cheap punt. Under £3000 in total, including flights, operation, accommodation and spending money. I’ve only been using Nizoral and a zinc vitamin A lotion. I’ll be using a fin/spiro/minoxidil solution as soon as they arrive from ADC.

    Anadrol burns through my hair line as well. Even with Nizoral. Lol that makes sense. Shame I couldn’t have any beard hair taken. My beard is ginger, my hair is light brown. Wasn’t an option. Haha I had 3500 grafts in the end. My hair is currently shaved no guard with clippers. And just having the outline of a decent hairline looks loads better. I’d seriously consider a hairline tattoo if I lose too much.
  13. New to the Forum

    Welcome buddy

    I had a HT in turkey about 7 weeks ago. Got my test only cycle lined up. Will be using finasteride (only during the cycle) and Nizoral plus a fin/spiro topical suspended in minoxidil 5%. Hoping it will prevent any loss. Fingers crossed..

    @Cronus have you done any aas since your surgery?