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  1. A new Strain!

    Yeah but that doesn’t sound as dramatic it’s worse than trench foot
  2. Lads. I'm fat as f***

    Take dnp, eat loads of ice cream to quench the sides, get out of bed 5 times per week. Ripped in no time.
  3. Darkweb

    Use a vpn, download Tor, get some bitcoins, empire market
  4. A new Strain!

    The company I work for has been testing us prior to boarding, every shift, for about 6 months now. Was told they were costing £495 per head. But that is testing, nurses and quarantine cabins. They stick the swabs about 4 inches into our noses. Everyone’s eyes are pisssing out and bright red.
  5. I used Sphinx SD and it was by far the best oral I’ve done. Insane strength and decent gains....and lots of lethargy and burst blood vessels in my eyes (ok now though). But, it tore through my hairline like nothing I’ve ever had before. I was using Nizoral daily and topical finasteride and spironolactone and it didn’t make a bean of difference. I’m hoping it’ll regrow now as my hairline looks worse now than before my HT 5 months ago.
  6. Gyms ordered to close by Government

    But I’m mid cycle ffs
  7. Own up. who's been panic buying?

    I’d rather die than be a prepper
  8. Bath salts post workout

    You’d be better off eating 5g+ of decent salt everyday
  9. Sphinx, ROHM or Neuro

    I’m currently using rohm test400 and Sphinx superdrol. Weight up 8kg and strength is through the roof.
  10. £50 DW £35 Anytime fitness. DW is better for perving, but gets busy with all the pervs. Less perving at anytime, not many pervs.
  11. Reason for going the gym?

    Fanny froth
  12. Omega 3 with DHA and EPA

    I noticed a huge improvement in mood, joints and skin once I started eating oily fish on a weekly basis. 80% of what I eat is for the macros, 20% for the micros. Cod livers, raw kefir, fish roe, raw butter, bone marrow, fermented raw liver. A few ounces of each per week. Most people wouldn’t get this amount of nutrients and beneficial bacteria in a couple of months of macros focused eating.
  13. HGH Mixing

    Also better to use sterile water to reconstitute rather than bac water. Alcohol and hgh probably not a great mix if you’re not using it all straight away.
  14. Gym £85 month Food £150 per 2 weeks Gear and supps - £100 Month