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  1. Which DNP

    Lewd how you finding it now?
  2. Which DNP

    New DNP doing the rounds?? What is this myth?
  3. Fury 3d pre workout

    Yeah unfortunately I have a high tolerance to most stimulants... Which is crap. Three to four scoops on old Jack3d was the norm and no crash. I haven't tried total war though so maybe I'll give that a go next!
  4. Fury 3d pre workout

    I wish you could still get hold of a PWO with DMAA. Hard to get anything out of the PWO's available now.
  5. On sus myself.. would be tempted to go with nebido.. however not being allowed to self inject that would be a PITA!
  6. Good gyms in Northamptonshire

    Cave gym in Corby! Incredible gym!
  7. On TRT and hair loss?

    Been on TRT now for just over a year if I remember correctly, yes you are going bald... Something which my family like to remind me of everyday.
  8. Best pre workout available?

    Whats the current most potent PWO we have then??