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  1. It’s high for a trt dose. Any trt doctors aims to get you over 20 and certainly below 30 for total test. However it is low for the amount you’re taking.
  2. If you were only taking 300ml of tren pw. It’s only 120ml of tren ace. You should feel something, not much but something. Give it another two weeks when the enanthate ester kicks in then you’ll know.
  3. Hygene Pharma Anabolics

    We’ve all seen dodgy packaging. Remember ROHM labs labels. They looked like they were done on a £20 printer but lovely gear and no box. Equally so, Elixir came in boxes with flashy labels and was dog s**t.
  4. Yep tried this a couple or so years ago. Completely bunk or severely under dosed. Don’t be fooled by the packaging.
  5. Shut down after being off 6 months

    A lot of forums are now saying ditch clomid due to side affects and up the tamoxifen dosage and carry it through for longer. Thoughts?