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  1. Beards ..

    Wish I could sport a beard, however it makes me look like a hobo
  2. A reminisce of members gone by

    I Member Infernal. Guy seemed to be on the verge of a tren-induced psychosis at all times.
  3. Cutting whilst maintaing muscle

    This x1000. Everything else will have minimal effect on your fat loss. Stick to a diet that keeps you sane and feeling as full as possible and track every single thing you eat. Keto, carb cycling, intermittent fasting etc. are all just ways of overcomplicating things and limiting yourself unnecessarily. Fvck that, eat what you like just make sure you get your protein in and stick to your daily cals. If you feel your body needs some extra carbs for your coming workout then sub some peanut butter for some porridge or whatever. You'll most likely find you prefer eating wholesome, clean foods rather than junk anyway, since it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.
  4. overall health v max size

    I did wonder who that guy was looking back at me in the mirror. Now I know it's my juicehead alter-ego
  5. overall health v max size

    Consider me woken up. I'll never touch a drop of that evil juice as long as I shall live. Thankyou Mr. Steve'o for saving me.
  6. overall health v max size

    Not being a d1ck mate but most of your goals could be achieved within a few months of natty training. Why strive to be mediocre when you can be something great? Of course if you have a medical condition that means you can't go heavy please dismiss this post
  7. Insulin Before fasted cardio

    Surely DNP would be a better method to cause rapid glycogen depletion?
  8. Insulin Before fasted cardio

    Why not just have a Mars bar while doing your cardio. No risk of death or coma too=bonus.
  9. From endurance to lifting iron...

  10. Advice needed asap

    Did you miss school when they were teaching 1+1=2? Jesus fvcking Christ this has to be a joke....
  11. Bank Holiday

    So many pale British torsos
  12. I imagine it would end up with all 4 women of Uk-M sitting together, with every single male member crowded around the table hoping to get a reaction from one of the females.
  13. GTFO Come back when you have huge red boils the size of marbles under your skin that are impossible to burst without leaving a gaping hole in your skin.
  14. Hourglass shape

    You'd be better off adding in some cardio than lowering your calories. After all you've still got a way to go and you can only reduce calories so much before your metabolism will crash halting all your progress.
  15. Hourglass shape

    I'll be honest, I was expecting to see some thick women in here or I wouldn't have bothered clicking