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  1. Account deletion

    @vs-Admin Hi - I tried to PM you regarding this matter. I would like to close/delete my account. Can you pm me to discuss this please thanks
  2. Profit Accumulator (Matched Betting)

    Not to mention your previous post of losing your last 5. You celebrate finally winning a bet of a mere £30 but yet exactly a week before you lost £50.. your £30 could have been £50 to pay for a night out hadn’t you if spunked your money on betting lol
  3. I was previously training for strength and size. Power building as some might call it. the big compound movements (bench, squat, deadlifts, row, & ohp) the programme was aimed at heavy weight low reps.. after the main lifts I trained isolation movements (inc DB press, leg press, chins, lateral etc I followed this on a 4day week programme. (Push, legs, pull, legs I have just got back training from a bad head on car crash. My focus now is health, endurance and strength. I couldn’t care less anymore about getting big. For me it’s being healthy and having strength behind me
  4. How much is the site worth?

    He’s still about. On his IG he is still huge and training
  5. I’ve never researched mk before. What brand would you Recommend. And the benefits of mk? im considering it due to being in a car accident 8weeks ago and only getting back into light physio/training to help strengthen up. Thanks pal
  6. Order of exercises on a Push day

    Whichever is your weakness or which you want to focus more on. personally I would start on bench press so inc db then follow up with shoulders and finish on triceps
  7. Favourite aftershave?

    Currently in my cupboard Chanel bleu (favourite) Dior sauvage Tom Ford noir extreme Givenchy gentleman Issey miyake
  8. 250mg test , 50mg proviron and 3iu hgh plenty of weights , cardio and clean diet.
  9. Running AAS since 2009. Time on time off approach up til 2015 when my daughter was born. I TRT all year 125mg per week self administrated. I throw the odd cycle in. I only run test and the odd oral on my cycles. Im 33 married and have a kid.
  10. Doing coke in work

    Get yourself some caffeine and and a good nights sleep ffs.
  11. Need a legs routine!

    I personally split my leg day. quads / calves - squats , hack squat , leg press , leg ext , seated calves and standing calves hamstring / Glutes - Sumo DL , RDL , lunges , thrusters , lying leg curls , ghr
  12. Rear and side delts

    Compound work Heavy pressing followed by low weight high reps behind the neck pressing. Isolation work face pulls , side lateral raises
  13. Cheapest place to buy a Rolex?

    That is one of the hideous looking rep I have ever seen. Plus your wrist will go different colour!! if you want genuine buy from your AD. But you will have to wait a long time for a sport model! If you want to buy replica go to RWI and look at the supporting dealers.
  14. My question is if you are not competing in any sports why do you feel the need to run all sorts of exotic drugs? run low dose test kick start with var and focus on diet/training. come off what your running and give the body a break. Enjoy Christmas and let your mojo come back how long have you been on teen for??
  15. You actually make a valid point. I see guys on IG posting lifts up leading up to the competition then when it comes to the day it’s the ole just couldn’t get my gym numbers on bench followed by some bullshit excuse. Think I have a few fake natty on my IG lol
  16. I’ll go against the grain here and say that every gym I’ve ever been to I’ve never seen a guy bench 4plates a side natty. All the ones I’ve seen bench 180kg I’m friends with and know they run AAS.
  17. Cheers buddy. Once I’m out of post recovery I’ll give this a bash. Just running 125mg test atm until I get back to training. hows your recovery going??
  18. Have never run sdrol before. And with my lay off from the gym for close to a month due to car crash I’m gonna grab a tub Oman’s give this oral a go. My cycle will be 450mg test and 20-30mg sdrol (4/5weeks oral) what should I run tudca at?? anything else I need??
  19. Personally I’d run 100mg e3d prop and 100mg var! I competed in MMA for years and my go to cycle was always low dose test/var/hgh
  20. 200mg test - 100mg anavar and a clean diet with plenty cardio
  21. Show us your advent calendars

    Anyone who takes this s**t for no other medical reason needs their heads checked lol. Make you feel like s**t!!
  22. Show us your advent calendars

    Thanks Gary. Appreciate it pal