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  1. Viceral fat,under abs,

    Update stuck to diet and improved it. added whey isolate and a good preworkout(which i believe helps hugely) train push pull split with football midweek and legs sundays. break on fridays(social beer or two) I love the push pull split because it rests my bi’s tri’s then lets me hit the big muscles twice a week. I believe this works best for me and had my best results. at the begging of the year i could not do dips or pull ups, now i can do sets of 10 in both.(dips are a great muscle builder) bench has gone from 60-100 this year lat pull has doubled to 140. shoulders have gone from 40-80 i do deadlift and squat occasionally but im tall and find i dont like to do it to my lower back too much. leg press has gone from 120-220(largely die to confidence. my goal is the feel and look fit,not to get huge(not that i could) bear in mind this has taken me 9 months and still have a way to go. I also drop my weights lower and focus on form and slow reps,i get better results without the injuries. Im currently 91kg but at 15% i want to hit 12 next but know its hard so may trade some weights and add more cardio. when you train hard for a long time id recommend measuring yourself as you don’t physically see your changes. i know my arms/back chest/legs are bigger and my clothes tell me,as well as feeling strong and holding less fat,just wish i measured first. Photos are january june Ill get another in october hopefully. thanks
  2. Liv52

    Ive been taking liv52 for about 2 weeks alongside my vitamins(not using any steroids) and ive been finding in the last week that im really tired in the afternoons and generally lathargic(and maybe slightly constipated).my diet and caffeine intake has not changed. im stopping now to see what happens. has any body found this with this product? thanks.
  3. Mythermo x-treme.any results?

    Ill just stick to pre workout then,didnt seem to do anything over a month of use. a friend that swears by them is clearly doing something stronger ?
  4. Any body else used these,ive got diet and training spot on,not sure if these have made any difference to fat loss or just making me hotter? obviously these are the my protein ones im sure the others are very similar. thanks
  5. Viceral fat,under abs,

    So I believe i am holding a fair bit of viceral fat.and are asking opinions on how i should deal with it. i have a layer of fat over my abs which i am aware i need to sort but even if i do my abs seem to stick out too far so I believe this is my problem.i am naturally an ecto and due to injury last year i drank too much and only trained every few weeks, i dont seem to have put much fat on anywhere else but im keen to sort it. currently gym monday to thurs(friday off)gym sat then sunday off. typically work two standard bodyparts usually 4x12 may superset.then run 2.5-5km afterwards.(2.5 leg day)as i need cardio but cant get there twice. diet(today but typical) porridge/banana 9 2x boiled eggs/orange 11 Chicken breast and 125g rice/orange 1-1:30 1 boiled egg creatine/possibly pre workout(or coffee) gym for about 4-4:30. not eating crisps/choc/cake/bread/beer etc snack on rice cakes/fruit/coffee 2 litres of water. so i dont think im miles off. my question is(i know i cant target an area of fat) do i up my cardio or carry on lifting and use the muscle to burn the fat. im not after a quick fix just a good one. sorry for going on just know you like details 34-not sure on body fat,around 18i think. 93kg 6’3 thanks in advance andy