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  1. Endorush Pre-Workout UK

    Original endorush was brilliant. Mesomorph is the closest I've tried.
  2. Any pug specialist on here guys? Car issue

    Boost solenoid, controls the wastegate won't flag a cel.
  3. Text From Wife....

    Are Florida drivers bad as they say?
  4. Strep Throat doing the rounds

    Good quality makuka honey will give it a kicking, something like steens 15+ umf. Sainsbury's have it for around £23. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Jams-Honey-Spreads/Steens-Zealand-Wellbeing-Nutribullet-Sweetner-Practioners-accelerate/B00KHLSTC8
  5. Neighbours dog won't stop barking

  6. Rubbing lats

    Anyone have this, driving me nuts.
  7. Lee Priest quits bodybuilding.

    Heard he's selling off all his stuff.
  8. Best Pre-Workout Supplement

    Hypermax xt, for me it's the holy grail, the only pre workout I get a pump from. Focus is right on my limit.
  9. Most comfortable briefs?

    6" ue boxerjocks.
  10. My gym is packed!

    Business as usual, couple new faces but I don't mind a few extra as they get to warm up the place a bit. Hate having cold grips on everything.
  11. shoddy large water bottles for gym

    I have one and honestly I don't get why folks love them. Besides they're a pig to clean.
  12. 3 times a week. Plus no half arsing it, it's a gym not a social club.
  13. Best razor/electric shaver?

    Electric this by far. https://www.shavers.co.uk/panasonic-es-lv65-arc5-wet-dry-5-blade-men-s-electric-shaver.html?utm_source=google_shopping&145=27&gclid=CjwKEAiA1vjCBRDd-9q3w4OF6WUSJACWv_sV6985Hfhn9n_ALCSoE8wXWa1c8_znBO1PVA3ZxJ5z6xoCaErw_wcB Wet shave, depends a merkur slant bar is a good start.