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  1. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    Who is your favourite monster?
  2. Kai Greene Planning Return?

    It's 2nd week of December
  3. Kai Greene Planning Return?

    Maybe, The people who run the Olympia are meant to be giving an announcement next week.
  4. Luke sandoe dead at 30

  5. Lee Priest Bodybuilding Compilation

    Monsters by Whitesand
  6. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    Yeah he is one of my favourites, and still looks good now.
  7. Thors Deadlift live stream

  8. What are people's thoughts on this? Most of his benching looks easy imo, as if he has more in the tank.
  9. Thor 501kg deadlift

  10. Thor 501kg deadlift

  11. Thor 501kg deadlift

    He had figure-8 straps though and they reduce the range of motion by a couple of inches, he was holding the bar with finger tips. I am not saying it's is bad or anything, it was amazing, but I just think people will remember other lifts more.
  12. Thor 501kg deadlift

    IMO no one has deadlifted anywhere near 500kg; using figure-8 straps, so 2 inches is removed from the range of motion, and elephant bars that bend ridiculously mean no one will remember these lifts. The person who lifts 500 without these two aids will be the person remembered.
  13. Amazon prioritising orders

    I ordered some cotton thread from Amazon, cannot possibly be essential, it came next day.
  14. What’s everyone training today?

    I am very fortunate to have a home gym, did quads and calves. I have seen some very imaginative workouts on FB; where there is a will there is a way.