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  1. Europa Pro 2020

    1st James Hollingshead 2nd Lucas Osladil 3rd Rafeal Brandao 4th Regan Grimes 5th Samson Dauda
  2. Decent wrist supports?

    Strength Shop are great. I have Hercules, Thor and Odin wraps; which are soft, medium and stiff.
  3. Pepsi Max Raspberry

    I bought one, thinking it was cherry, was delicious.
  4. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    Who is your favourite monster?
  5. Kai Greene Planning Return?

    It's 2nd week of December
  6. Kai Greene Planning Return?

    Maybe, The people who run the Olympia are meant to be giving an announcement next week.
  7. Lee Priest Bodybuilding Compilation

    Monsters by Whitesand
  8. MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    Yeah he is one of my favourites, and still looks good now.