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  1. Kaos Novice and Inters Strongman Highlights

    Thanks I looked twice and couldn't see strongman section. must be going blind.
  2. Inspirations?

    Who or what are yours? Mine was Phil Heath; here he is talking about his.
  3. NEW Women's Fitness Motivation Video

    There is a girl behind the neck pressing 40kg, that's not bad.
  4. Competition on FB, post best lifts (videos or pictures) best win prize.
  5. I would start with the bar then add 40kg each set until near max then add 20kg. if I started from 130kg I would not get to my max. Also I don't max out on any set, apart from the final set.
  6. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    Breaking Bad, on season 4 now, really enjoying it.
  7. McGregor /cowboy fight

    Ferguson vs khabib is never going to happen now
  8. The biggest guy in the world

    I was expecting to see a monster, totally dissapointed. I did lol though.