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  1. How do you post a you tube video up

    On a laptop you copy the address and paste it in the reply. On a phone you will see a little arrow at the top of the video if you pause the video. Press that to share and select copy link and then paste that into reply by pressing on the reply page and holding your finger there and paste option will appear.
  2. Camping

    I'd go with a tent. Far more fun. If you're going in good weather you don't need the most expensive tent and sleeping bag. I had one of the winter down sleeping bag in Nepal and I was getting too hot most the time. It kept me warm at -20°C Or get a decent 2nd hand tent so you could always just sell it later if you don't use it much and you wont lose anything.
  3. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Yeah exactly, f**k them, who needs people anyway
  4. Camping

    Caravan just seems a lot of hassle and a bit boring, campervan or converted van seems a better option. Far more practical so probably use it more often.
  5. Camping

    Sounds very romantic
  6. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Don't be such a snow flake, it's got bits of wires at the end, what more do you want
  7. Sirens going off for the last half hour?

    cos he keeps breaking into cars
  8. LEGIT natties only

    It just looks like it's turned into a slagging match and logic's gone out the window.
  9. LEGIT natties only

    I'm pretty confident he meant pounds. The guy does not come across as stupid to me so I can't see him claiming 315kg. The deadlift I'm suspect of but not impossible to believe. I've done 220kg for 2 might be 3 reps. I know 100% I did 2 as I've done a few times. I'm probably capable if I focused on the deadlift a bit more maybe another 10-20kg.
  10. LEGIT natties only

    I may be wrong but it's fairly obvious to me he put weight for bench but meant 315 pounds. That seems realistic and tallies up with the other lifts.
  11. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Oh my god They why I stuck him on ignore. He is such a muppet.
  12. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Carpets! Oh my god. It's like if I go into a restaurant and they have table cloths, I know straight away it's far too posh for me
  13. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Was it his daughter?
  14. How many squat racks does one man need?

    If you had that in a commercial gym you would just have 5 people doing bicep curls.
  15. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    The ''young Thai girl'' that was more likely an adult
  16. Metabolism and Food Breakdown

    You keep hearing this slow metabolism thing get thrown around. If you are not losing weight you either eat less, exercise more or both. Are they able to go out walking? If so go out for long walks. If they can't go out like if they are at risk of covid then walk around the house/garden/up and down the stairs.
  17. Oops drunk eBay shopping

    I bought a mini cooper(the bmw ones) off ebay years ago when drunk. I was looking to get a car but not really a mini cooper I just had it on my watch list. I had a 6th generation toyota celica gt at the time that needed a new clutch and the rear suspension was knocking. Looking back I wish I had just spent the money fixing up the celica as it was a better car.
  18. What's the best gym you've ever been to, and why?

    Best would be Pulse gym in Ripley, Derbyshire. It's been bought out now, used to be more hardcore. They used to have buckets on the floor for when it rained as the roof leaked Looks like this now http://gymfit-ripley.co.uk/facilities/
  19. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I think it's a case of monitoring the spread of the virus and make sure it's still manageable before they can make a decision, they can't just give a definite answer.
  20. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    @Fors331 let himself go a bit during lockdown
  21. Home gym pissing contest

    Maybe could get a hex deadlift bar. They can work your legs well. Some have raised handles that I don't like but you could stand on a block of wood to get a deeper lift.
  22. Can I reach 9% bodyfat before gyms open?

    Can't see the video, it's set to private. If you did 272kg natty then that's impressive.
  23. Can I reach 9% bodyfat before gyms open?

    I'll believe it when I see a video
  24. Gyms reopening.

    I've cancelled my membership now anyway. I'm not paying full membership to have to book time slots, I'd rather keep training in my garage.
  25. Gyms reopening.

    Should open tomorrow