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  1. John Burke - fat shaming

    I think fat shaming is stupid but at the same time don't think you should have to tip toe around it and say they are fine as they are. How would anybody improve at anything if they just had the attitude that they were fine as they were. Being fit and healthy is a massive benefit so why deny it.
  2. lifting belt ??

    I've got one and it does the job. I've got the double prong but in hindsight I think the single prong would be better as I sometimes struggle to get the belt off.
  3. This is so fukin brutal

    But picking share has no influence on what the other person picks. You can only win if the other person is trying to be nice.
  4. This is so fukin brutal

    The logical choice is too choose steal. With steal you get all the money or nothing, if you choose share you get half the money or nothing. It is a stupid game.
  5. Do you ever wonder

    Sometimes I fap thinking about it
  6. Intervention

    That's the problem. Everyone ''thinks'' they are an expert but have no training. Unless they are a strength coach then why do they feel the need to teach others correct form which may well not be correct.
  7. Intervention

    The personal trainers teach bad form anyway.
  8. Intervention

    Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Let them crack on.
  9. Intervention

    Unless they ask then leave them alone.
  10. Team Keaton

    He was the best Bruce Wayne
  11. Would you hold a grudge 20+ years on

    I don't think I'd recognise someone I'd seen in 20 years. I don't hold grudges anyway, it's a waste of energy.
  12. Team Keaton

  13. Buying a Property with the Mrs

    Do you need to put the full amount down as deposit to afford the house? If not you could stick the 60k in a savings account. If you get a good rate you wont be too bad off. It just seems a bit better than writing up some contract like she's your business partner.
  14. Buying a Property with the Mrs

    This makes more sense. Bother put down 20k and keep 60k in savings.
  15. I just got pissed and stuck it in my leg.