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  1. Anyone into hand grippers

    They are proper heavy duty I just stopped using them. It's like when you buy one of them ab wheels and you intend to do ab training a few days a week. You do it for a bit but don't stay on top of it. I have quite big hands anyway so grip strength has never really been an issue.
  2. Anyone into hand grippers

    I've got some coc grippers. I got them nearly 20 years ago. Used them a bit then they just sat in a box.
  3. FREEDOM!!

    I've got one of these years ago Only used it a handful of times then used it in the lockdown. It's the back of my head I find hard. I tried casting my phone screen to my tv and using a tripod and my phone camera. It was better but I think I'll be using the barbers when they open.
  4. Tiger Woods

    Well yeah I get it from a sponsor point of view. Just me I'm not interested in an actor or sportsmans personal life. People should keep there nose out.
  5. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    Borris works out more than he does
  6. Tiger Woods

    You see the documentary then. I don't get why the general public cared so much about his affairs. That's between him and his wife, it's not like he killed someone. If he had been a rock star rather than a golfer nobody would have cared.
  7. FREEDOM!!

    I'm out of the matrix!
  8. Tiger Woods

    They Did that with Tiger woods. Blackmailed him into doing an article for muscle and fitness I think it was.
  9. FREEDOM!!

    Sit at home and watch a bit of telly, no government is telling me to go out, that's what they want you to do!
  10. Is it okay to swing a bicep curl

    If it's a barbell you could get something like a 2 litre bottle of water and loop a it on with some string. That would be 4kg added.
  11. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    That's my thinking too. I would rather wait a bit longer and not do another lockdown.
  12. can i take protein expired 4 years ago?

    Best before is not the same as use by date. Not sure about protein powder but tinned food I would use 4 years past the date without any worry.
  13. Got up to 61mph, 70mph doesn't seem that unrealistic for like a super strong cheetah
  14. Predictions on tomorrows announcement?

    I think I'm just going to wait til tomorrow