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  1. Best Joke ?

    I'm old enough to remember back to simpler more innocent times when the worst thing you'd hear about was hijacked jet liners flying into buildings.
  2. Are you talented?

    Or shitting in the sinks in a public toilet before someone walks in and catches you
  3. Are you talented?

    Depends how good you are I suppose.
  4. For £170 a month I'm guessing it's London and a David Lloyd club or something similar.
  5. 9/11 an inside job?

    Thanks, I look forward to it
  6. 9/11 an inside job?

  7. Worst job you ever had?

    Worst was some electronics place putting components into circuit boards. So unbelievably boring. Only managed 2 weeks until I found something else.
  8. Whats your daily protein intake

  9. 30k investment ideas

    This is what his arsehole currently looks like
  10. 30k investment ideas

    Do you predict a drop in house prices next year? I'm kind of hoping they do then I might upgrade.
  11. AwfuLL at Pull ups

    Get stronger or lose weight.
  12. "600 to 800 test is fine..."

    The 600-800 was talking about levels in the body ng/dL, which is within the normal healthy range
  13. If they put on make up and a wig it doesn't count
  14. How on earth do pros diet so well

    You could define some acting roles as a sport based on that
  15. Borris imposing "rule of 6"

    It's just him telling you how he's better than you, not that interesting