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  1. Eddie halls new house

    No, that's Barry Scott you fool
  2. Eddie halls new house

    Me neither
  3. Eddie halls new house

    I was just pointing out most athlete's don't make much money from the actual sport.
  4. Eddie halls new house

    Most Athlete's don't make much money. Like Usian Bolt, most of his money is from advertising stuff.
  5. Where can I find a decent bench

    Get 2 weight plates with 1" holes and put 1st 1" hole plate on then put Olympic plates on then put 2nd 1" hole plate on then put on clamp.
  6. The day has come... when will gyms open

    ''If'' opening gyms or barbers were to increase the spread of the virus and that's not me saying they will but just to go with the ''I'll take my chances'' argument. You don't just catch it at the gym and that's the end of the story you then risk spreading other places you go. The less people that have it the lower probability of it spreading. So when you open a gym you need to manage it so it's ''safer''. There will still be a risk but you manage it. If I were a doctor/nurse/carer I wouldn't go to the gym or barber but I would still go to the supermarket or out exercising.
  7. None millionaires of ukm

    I can't even find a name, I just got one from asda last year after the last one blew up on me.
  8. The day has come... when will gyms open

    What about doctors and nurses and carers. Are they expected to stay at home when not at work. It's not as simple as people are making out. It's ok people saying they will take there chances but you risk spreading it that's the problem.
  9. The day has come... when will gyms open

    This is what I mean. If they want to meet there friends and family that's fine but why do they need to be close to me when I'm at the supermarket. My mum has health problems so if I visit her I don't want to risk possibly catching it and passing it on.
  10. The day has come... when will gyms open

    It wouldn't surprise me with the amount of people thinking the distancing rules have finished and you still have muppets who don't even think it's real.
  11. Autism

    I think a lot is just normal behaviour people have stuck a label on. Like someone said they have trouble talking about emotions, that literally just describes pretty much every man on the planet.
  12. Camping

    I'll see if get the details, it will be on my phone somewhere in whattsapp messages. Someone else was booking it and I just tagged along.
  13. How many squat racks does one man need?

    I've been in gyms that had fixed weight barbells up to 50kg and still people would curl the Olympic bar in the squat rack even though they are lifting less than 50kg.
  14. Impressive physique (WiP) but...

    Must be a uk-muscle member then
  15. Camping

    It was about 2k. A group of friends were booking it and they were still finalising the accommodation before it got cancelled so I can't say the exact price. It was for 2 weeks. I was really looking forward to it but I'll do it next year now.