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  1. Fat people to get covid vaccine first

    All this bullshit of nobody knows anybody that has had it. A few on this forum have had it. My factory, a handful have had it. My parents neighbour but one have died with covid, I think they were around aged 50. You can say the test are not accurate or the lockdowns are a bad move but to say covid is not real takes a special kind of thick.
  2. Home gym advice

    Oh I see you like sitting down and watching tv. I suggest you buy a sofa and television for your living room. May I have my £100 please.
  3. Where are the ps4/xbox one deals!!!

    But with the lockdown and then the tier restrictions I would think even the ps4 would not be hard to sell.
  4. Man trapped in lathe (NSFW)

    I was thinking exactly that. ''Dave it's happened again''
  5. Tier 3

  6. I'm not sure I'd want a picture taken if it were free. It just doesn't mean anything to me. I don't bow down and worship anyone. I don't get the whole celebrity thing, they are just people get over it. You can have respect for someone but don't be elevating them to some god like status.
  7. Leisure centres: Indoor leisure is permitted; however, group activities and classes should not take place. Looks like yes
  8. Mountain bike trail riding

    Might try that if I do it again
  9. Mountain bike trail riding

    I've heard some places raised the limit but think mine is still £1000 and you can't pay on top either so the bike has to be £1000 or less. For my company that is.
  10. Aaron lambo

    Or hired/borrowed for the movie. He comes across as a Billy bullshitter.
  11. Mountain bike trail riding

    Different places have different limits. My place only goes up to £1000 but some schemes are higher.
  12. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    £450, that's 3 track days. Sod that
  13. Mountain bike trail riding

    I got an electric hybrid to go to work on once or twice a week. Tempted to get a gravel bike next not electric just normal bike. https://www.halfords.com/bikes/electric-bikes/carrera-subway-mens-electric-hybrid-bike---16in-18in-20in-frames-224422.html Cost 1000 but I paid 680 with tax saving.
  14. Mountain bike trail riding

    You get it taken out of your salary before tax. So you will save on income tax and national insurance on the price of the bike. For a basic tax payer that's a 32% saving. When I did it I paid monthly over 12 months interest free.
  15. Mountain bike trail riding

    Does your work do a ride to work scheme?