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  1. electric scooters - what's the crack?

    You get places that hire out segways and take you round a tour of the forest. Just do that and get it out your system.
  2. quickiest way to lose 15kg (doesn't have to be natural)

    BMI is bollocks
  3. has anyone thought about suicide?

    You are probably not ugly anyway, you just don't look like brad pit. Everybody has problems, you will never have a time in your life when everything is perfect. And one of the main reasons to exercise is to keep in good health not just to look pretty. A good diet and exercise plan and getting good sleep is good for both physical and mental health. It's good to stick with as well as it teaches you that you can achieve your goals if you stick with it. I think you are being way too hard on yourself. The way loss thread were you want to lose the weight quick, why so quick? Be realistic and give yourself 6 months or more. And the career, you are only 22 that is young and you don't ''have to'' get a career, that is up to you. Most people don't have a career, they just have a job that pays the bills and still live a happy life.
  4. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    This forum is full of nutters
  5. Supporters of BLM....just listen....

    I think it's more likely the media report it as people like to watch it and makes them money. Politicians support it as it's what's popular and they want to get votes. I don't think there is some great master plan to control the population.
  6. Fatty Wahlberg

    I think he did harm to his body losing so much weight and was told never to do it again.
  7. electric scooters - what's the crack?

    I've seen the remake but I'll still watch the old one. Sometimes they can be so bad they can be good.
  8. Fatty Wahlberg

  9. electric scooters - what's the crack?

    I keep meaning to watch this movie
  10. electric scooters - what's the crack?

    My adult neighbours have one and they are chavs. Got to agree it does not look right a grown adult riding one of these. Get a push bike. What about a brompton folding bike? You can put a luggage bag on them and when folded can wheel them around the shops and then ride home afterwards and store in your house easy.
  11. The posts have become boring again on general chat

    On a laptop click on your name or picture to go into your profile then click edit profile then you can change it. I don't know if everybody can change it you might need a number of posts or be a member for a certain length of time. You should be able to do the same on a phone and click the pencil to edit profile once you are on your profile page.
  12. The posts have become boring again on general chat

    People would probably use it. If it's made in a dodgy underground lab it must be safe.
  13. Got my first jab yesterday

    Then how did small pox get eliminated
  14. Got my first jab yesterday

    I had my first jab I think about a month ago and had no sides, I guess some people are just pussies.
  15. Gym membership

    That's a bit of a dick move really. It's not like gym membership is massively expensive.