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  1. National Lockdown

    Ok mate I’m gonna have a look at this on my computer when I get to it. I do most of my replying on my phone. But I’ll ask this: Why haven’t I had the cold even once last year? When wylde knows people who are getting it 4 times in 6 months.
  2. I would opt for one. I already track my health on my Apple Watch. Imagine having something in your hand that a can just pay for my shopping with and know if there’s anything wrong internally. Be awesome!! “ ohh government will spy on me” 1 I’m no very interesting 2 they won’t have the man power. We have actual terrorists conducting major attacks and we can’t watch all them
  3. Heart rate

    this thread is turning into my facebook feed when it was the 5ks. People smashing 5ks out faster than world record holders
  4. Because UG labs don’t have microchips obviously ...
  5. National Lockdown

    Yellow fever virus is estimated to cause 200,000 cases of disease and 30,000 deaths each year, with 90% occurring in Africa https://www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/newsroom/topics/yellowfever/index.html
  6. National Lockdown

    No you don’t. Someone getting that many colds in 6 months has aids. Get them checked out. fu**ing liar man! Just resorting to bare face lying I’ve no had a cold in years and wear a mask but you know cu**s getting 4 in 6 months bawbag also why are mask wearers getting RONA: because most people aren’t selfish useless cu**s like you and wearing masks. They don’t 100% block but they help. go back now and answer Kazzas links. Well respect you more when you argue your point well.
  7. Is Lockdown Working?

    If mask wearing is weak evidence then what do you attribute the success of countries through Asia to? We have just left brexit so how can it be a shambles ? And was a consequence of a democratic vote. I agree regarding invading Iraq and the IT system. it’s also not a new cold virus? That may be your personal opinion but it’s not noted in fact or evidence.
  8. Is Lockdown Working?

    Those countries you mentioned with lower also religiously followed social distancing and mask wearing etc. You fail to add that. which is my point. It does work. And the experts know more than you and I
  9. Is Lockdown Working?

    Are you attributing the lack of corona due to population size or the success on lockdowns working is based on population sizes ? Because we can then look at China and Korea ? For smaller populations we defer you to Scotland. Lockdowns absolutely work. It’s proven and being repeated worldwide. A know tin foil hat will be along to say that it’s new world order or something but reality is. If everyone else is doing it ... then it must work.
  10. Is Lockdown Working?

    Me: Google’s “ flu statistics 2020” ahh that was easy to see the copy paste information from retards on the net is wrong. Wydle: posts: tHe sTaTIStics sAy tHaT ....
  11. Is Lockdown Working?

    Yes. Shows in the numbers it works. Shows in New Zealand it works etc. What doesn’t work is half arsed lockdowns and mongos who don’t obey the rules. Queue the mongos above.
  12. Bostin Loyd renal failure

    Awesome. Getting on it.
  13. Shouts too much and he’s boring. You can seen through his fake outrage for likes.
  14. National Lockdown

    aye 100% was a module in his level 2 gym instructor.
  15. National Lockdown

    That’s true mate. Lockdowns and all that. But I did. And, probably looked better than you, and tried less I’m sorry I can’t compare to awesome physiques like you, a weed smoking, PT “for the past year only” who likes to copy paste drivel from Facebook and has clear mental health issues. Such a high caliber of individual I wish to be.
  16. National Lockdown

    No mate! You’re called a nutter because you are a nutter. Not for any other reason you use to help yourself get through the day with. it must be upsetting to wake up each day and have to post nonsense someone else has said on a Facebook page. Unable to interpret any evidence or form your own opinion. It shows your lack of intelligence when you disagree with your own point posted 2 hours earlier because you haven’t read the copy paste spew you’re respecting. Like it must be really mentally stressing to be this unhappy all the time. I suppose when you have nothing else to do but smoke weed then it is what it is.
  17. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    Dodge the dentist! Hate it! Feel like they’re trying to put holes in my teeth welding that ice pick of theirs
  18. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    How many of these s**t topics need to get made. Reminds me over the steroid sections “ how much test and tren” just add onto the other same topic posted yesterday or the day before.
  19. Hair Transplant members here

    Not personally but could well be there. They are stabbing a knife into your skin I’d be surprised if there isn’t some evidence. it’s worth going for. edit: look at joe rogans head. He’s had them on top you can’t see anything on the top of his head. You can see a scar on the back because he went for the FUT method.
  20. Hair Transplant members here

    I don’t believe AAS increased mines. I am subject to MBP but I never notably noticed more hair in the shower on or off cycle however I have been running nizloral on my head for some time. In comparison family members were more bald than me by set periods in life. I was similar I shaved my head and everyone said I suited it but I don’t regret the transplant. I love it infact
  21. Never said you were lying, I said "amazing the amount of people working in hospitals on this forum all of sudden" I regularly do change my opinion on stuff, quite a lot actually so I'm confused as to what you're talking about? bellend.
  22. Amazing the amount of people working in hospitals on this forum all of sudden. Just waiting for wylde also to say he works in a hospital. So are you saying all these doctors are lying ? If so why don’t you question them? Or do you?
  23. National Lockdown

    My mate was of the opinion it only affects the vulnerable and unhealthy. Got Covid. Felt fine for 3 days... said for the past couple days he’s never been so sick in his life!
  24. National Lockdown

    I’m sure he’s only been a PT for a year also maybe 2 max.
  25. TRUMPS fate