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  1. Hamilton

    Someone came out I can’t mind who now but was someone who raced in the smaller circuits with him... but said when he was in the smaller circuit he was “ privileged” amongst the other drivers, got given what he asked for mainly because of his skin colour. then he comes out talking about BLM, privilege and all that s**t.
  2. Mars Rover landing.

    Mate the data’s there on the repair of the ozone layer hole due to CFCs so I don’t get what you aren’t understanding. so are you saying the science is wrong and fossil fuels aren’t impacting the ozone layer and or causing climate change? If so you’re a retard and I’m not engaging with you anymore! You’re not at my level sadly.
  3. Mars Rover landing.

    It is repairing as a consequence of CF ( the original gap is slowly repairing) but the ozone is damaging in other ways due to fossil fuels hence climate change ( which you say is a lie) and secondly the link I shared earlier. You’ve agreed to that by sharing the ozone getting worse with the introduction of heavy use fuels etc etc sorry you can’t keep up with the conversation perhaps ask a 5 year old to assist you as it’s simple.
  4. Mars Rover landing.

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/ozone-layer-depletion the Widespread use of fossil fuels in our daily life has led us to an era of global warming and ozone layer depletion. you’re welcome mate.
  5. Mars Rover landing.

    Thanks man. Must’ve monged it. Need to start typing on my laptop more instead of using my phone
  6. Mars Rover landing.

    so wait .::: You’ve just shared a graph that proves fossil fuels are impacting ? But then say they don’t impact. thanks mate I knew you’d agree with me I’ll look at the graph properly tomorrow on my computer and the source but it’s good to see you agree with me
  7. Mars Rover landing.

    Exactly. He’s always wrong but if you fire enough nonsense you’ll be right twice .... sorry I had to explain that to you
  8. Mars Rover landing.

    I’m not debating the scientists tho! You are! So my lack of experience is irrelevant. I answered the hole question for 2020 so not sure why you’ve tried to use that as a straw man tactics
  9. Mars Rover landing.

    right so lets get to the facts here instead of typing for noise and nonsense. Reading your drivel I would think you're trying to reach a university word count. So lets break it all down, I'm kinda confused here mate your quote "Scientists believe fossil fuels are responsible for the earth warming." are you saying you MickeyE from UKM, with no background at all in this industry knows more than the scientists? The hole in the ozone layer is repairing and evidence of CFC's is well documented, google it since you love it so much or better yet I'm sure there's a BBC article somewhere for you. The earth has been warming and cooling - this is true, but with the implementation of fossil fuels this has rapidly risen, as evidenced above with the interview I showed you and the only comeback from the skeptic was "the data has been manipulated by NASA" which you appear to be also saying you see how you might sound a bit of a mong here mate?
  10. Feminists will be along shortly to bash you
  11. Chicken recall

    I'm watching snow piercer and the blacklist at the moment. Quite enjoying them
  12. Mars Rover landing.

    The data shows that fossil fuels are having an impact = you are wrong. Sorry you're too retarded to understand that mate. There's one idiot here, it's you! you're treading the thin line of being demoted to the category Wylde falls into. I actually do appreciate sometimes you are able to undertake a conversation and have reasonable (all be it wrong) beliefs behind it but recently I can see the slow impact slowly rip away your brain cells and drop you into the gullible conspiracy theorist hole. Enjoy and have a nice stay. Actually, I can and do change my opinion but the facts at present at there on the data. Even a broken clock is wrong twice per day as they say. So you might be right in the future, but at the moment... you are wrong
  13. Mars Rover landing.

    Well I believe in scientists mate... thats who I look to when seeking to understand science... Sorry your so offended that I get my facts from professionals and you just make them up and call everyone a fag or moron when you're wrong. Want some valium?
  14. Chicken recall

    *dips chicken nugget into tomato sauce* No, totally puts me off...
  15. My mate studied business, Worked in a call centre until he was 30, business degree worked for him answering phones. He's finally now an accountant strangely enough.