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  1. Black Friday

    Strength shop.co.U.K. - £37. IPF approved. secondly my point is they’re charging £150 for that normally which is ridiculous.
  2. Black Friday

    150 bucks for that belt is a joke!
  3. Man trapped in lathe (NSFW)

    Someones comment on reddit: "Just a really deadly roller coaster if u think about it."
  4. everything was something you once didn't
  5. Your top 3 food sources

    Pizza Pizza Pizza Nachos
  6. Covid vaccine.

    I sporadically read through the comments, most of the "anti vaccine" stuff is just someone speculating and spouting nonsense, which is then repeated /copy pasted to be fact. will people try to profit and twist the agenda for their gain... absolutely. Is a group of people sat on a zoom conference (social distancing) planning how to over throw all world governments and insert microchips into you... probably not. lets be honest, YOU and that you is applicable to anyone reading this who believes as such; aren't worth microchipping. never mind the resources to log the data etc. can't even watch terrorists in this country but Steve the forklift driver thinks Bill Gates is the illumanti and won't take this 'rushed vaccine'... but will do lines of gear at the weekend and inject steroids from UG labs
  7. Black Friday

    MATE!! a didn't believe this so went and checked! £90 for fu**ing myprotein!! RIDIC!! basically that 45% off just takes you back to the price it was before the paid some cu**s in lycra on instagram! can't believe it!
  8. Aaron lambo

    I follow him on social media, does appear a bit of a knob but then 99% of this forum does on text never mind if you shoved a camera in front of them lol I agree hes defo got some money, nice houses in that. Even if it's all rented, costs money to rent which people seem to forget as they get in their PCP Audi A1. lol Looks like he's getting things in his life straightened out, if his misses ever leaves him tho it looks like it'll be carnage for him. gets issues way seeing his other wain and apparently his mum new about his abuse in care or something..
  9. Mountain bike trail riding

    orange P1 or I went for the Whytee 909. I think 2k is a good price for a hard tail. I would even buy second hand a lot of people buy them and don't use.
  10. BTC 19000 usd

    etherium I think is the way forward long term, especially now they're adopting a proof of stake concept model. I only have a few coins but on December 1st they're changing their model. I suspect coin price will go up
  11. HCG

    buy a separate fridge. you get them on amazon for like £60 I'm sure. I don't like mini fridges, far too small and useless but you get a good Russells one on amazon
  12. Viagra connect

    fair point! Some did look like badly packed kebabs...
  13. I said this stuff was crap on another post about a 7 weeks ago, ordered some and could feel it was wank. another bloke with 10 posts began praising it which made me think as usual fake accounts promoting s**t UG labs.
  14. Viagra connect

    for me, I found that viagra was a good one at 3am on the way home so you're sound. Gave me a headache also. Cialis I've found, is better in the morning if you know you're going out that night. on paper it works just as fast. in reality for me, it doesn't. also doesnt give the sore head sides.