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  1. Need help with diet

    Hard to tell without knowing calories
  2. Saying hello

    Awrite dave it's mikey u havin chicken legs tonight welcome mate
  3. Bulk or cat

    Nothing wrong with sugar mate you have a warped view on what's healthy or not, to much of anything can be bad but what they are talking about is fine, wouldn't expect much else from you though since you haven't grasped the basics yet
  4. chest exercises required??

    You can't isolate the inner
  5. swtiching up???

    When I get bored or stop progressing on my current one, u don't have to switch it often
  6. Critique my training plan

    Is there a reason for no hamstring work? I'd add in some rear delt work aswell as a pulldown or pull up movement
  7. Rear delts, what do you d

    I Do facepulls or cable reverse flyes on pull day
  8. Will this sort of programme trim fat AND tone??

    You haven't told us one of the most important things, do you know many calories are you eating? If I was you I would train as you were when you were bulking and just eat less than you have been doing or adding a bit of cardio, unless this is all for fitness aswell and not solely fat loss and also those scales can be ALOT out and I personally wouldn't trust them what so ever, it doesn't even matter really what they say anyway it's just a number I would judge by the mirror mate
  9. mass gaining program help!

    i would address your diet if your putting on fat, i doubt it's because your training to much, I would just do upper/lower rest upper lower rest rest or you could try push pull legs rest push pull legs, also you don't have to lift for 2 hours a lot of people on here do 45 mins to an hour, personally I do an hour
  10. Back workout help

    A pull up or pull down excersise instead of one of the rows, and a rear delt one if you aren't already, I would put in rack pulls also if you can get a rack
  11. Time of interval???

    As much as you need
  12. Deleted

    Remember you need to work out your tdee and reduce by 300-500 so it should work out to be 2,000, it's just an estimate tho reduce cals when not losing ma man, meal timing is irrelevant at your stage it doesn't matter really when you eat, my last meal is 10.30 lol
  13. Deleted

    Start on 2,000ish and monitor, if after a few weeks you don't lose reduce cals, eat atleast 0.8-1 g of protein per lb of bw, fat I would get atleast 20% of your diet and fill the rest with carbs, you can eat a bit of rubbish if it fits in with your calories btw you don't have to be super "clean"
  14. Deleted

    It doesn't matter how healthy your cals are, you should be losing weight at 1200, cardio isn't needed for fat loss btw it's all about a calorie deficit, eating 200 less is the same as burning 200 cals on a bike
  15. Keto diet

    At the end of the day it's a calorie deficit that makes you lose fat, at the start of a Keto diet you mainly lose water and glycogen which is why people lose weight quickly at the start but it's the same as a normal deficit