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  1. Guys, I was wondering if anyone had experienced this before? I recently started Deadlifting again after several years. My form was bad. I studied some videos on YouTube and today I went in and corrected the form. Shins to the bar, hips in between, push from he legs up the knee, use the hips from knee up. Bar tight against the body. Chest out back straight. I'm confident my technique was 80% on point. Much better than my last few sessions. It felt natural and safer, and felt stronger. I done 10x60, 5x70, 5x80, 3x90, 2x100, 5x110, 3x110 - my aim was 5x5 @110. At this stage around my hips and my waist area from the front to the back had a really strong dull ache, or kinda extreme stretch feeling. Hip area, extreme top of quads, top of ass, little side ass top muscle. I had to stop. I could barely get the weights back to the rack. Within 30 min it subsided back to normal. Has anyone experience this before? Do you think it's because I have corrected the form and now it's working the correct muscles? Form still incorrect? Any advice appreciated.
  2. Expired/Out of Date Protein - ??

    Haha. Its quite hard to know of its bad or not for me anyway. When it's in date and perfectly fresh, it smells bad, tastes bad and gives me the shits! Anyways, down the hatch. Hoping for for some 'Clean' deadlifts
  3. Expired/Out of Date Protein - ??

    Yes, I would if I was in UK. Best local price is £62 per KG. That's why I was checking, times are hard and I don't want to buy over here out of principle!!
  4. Expired/Out of Date Protein - ??

    Hi, Whats everyones thoughts on expired / out of date protein? I have a bag here from My Protein. Has been opened before, kept closed in cupboard temp 24c. Date of Manufacturer: 12/2017 Best Before: 06/2019 Smells and tastes a bit crap, but as i remember, it always did. Doesnt look funky, or clumpy.
  5. Has anyone used the Southern Ghost Tri Test 400 recently and have any feedback, bloods or lab tests. Seems this lab is in the middle of a war and the online feedback is not consistent. Comes in 30% cheaper than Spinx, Triumph and Neuro Pharma. Cheers
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a decent pre workout option for the Mrs. In the past she has used and enjoyed EAS T5's (Original Formula), and T5 Extreme (DMAA Formula post Eph ban). I can still aquire these products but ideally I'm looking for a less grey area item. Additionally, I worry about the negative effects these formulas may have on her. Something that will give her that pre workout buzz and motivation. It doesn't need to actually contribute to her weight loss - but she should feel the effects and believe that it is helping. Placebo style. There's some products MyProtein and Bulk Powders. Eg The Pre Workout, ThermoPure, Elevate etc. - any idea if these are suitable? Thanks in advance.
  7. So your effectively going into the side of the thigh, rather than the upper outer.... Exactly as some pics and vids show online. Does this mean in the past when I was doing upper outer at 45 degrees I was hitthing the rectus femoris? As opposed to the vastus lateralis? In the vids showing the 90 degrees into the side of the quad..... This is absolutely not where I'm pinning. It's quite a way off actually.
  8. Hi UKM, Need a little clarification. Haven't done a jab for along time. Can someone remind me the location of the quad site. I've checked the photos and videos online and they are largely showing different sites. In the past I used to do the middle outer and go in at 45 degrees. Kinda direct into the big muscle you see when you tense the leg. Refreshing the location now shows many people going directly into the side of the quad. So still middle outer, but 90 degrees. Thanks