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  1. Music streaming app

    Apple Music.
  2. Or just not out as much fat on in your bulk ?
  3. Just googled ttm by sis
  4. Profile picture.

    You need an app then. Search for compress photo in your App Store
  5. Starting steroids/sarms at 40

    Aye give it 20 years till he’s in his 60s eh you numpty
  6. How you got on with your subsequent jabs @wavefunction
  7. Profile picture.

    i'm just looking for the app that can add pecs and abs to my photo now
  8. Profile picture.

    my pics are all on my iphone and thats how i access hte forum most of the time. i got a free app called Compress Photos. was really easy to use
  9. i think @Jamiewilliamsss will roiding this weekend. i know he cant wait to be one of the roiders now and not a ghey natty non roider
  10. Towels bulking log

  11. It was roider Thursday, today is regret Friday. Can’t wait till roider Sunday
  12. Steroid gang busted in news yesterday

    Alpha pharma is the lab name mentioned in the article, as well as this LOL 'There is a huge bodybuilding market, there is a market in lower level sportspeople using these substances and, let's throw this one out there, the people who carried out the London Bridge and Westminster Bridge terror attacks were both assessed as being anabolic steroid users.
  13. I did roiding today and it was good.
  14. Eh? I track total calories consumed (currently 3400) and aim to eat 200 grams of protein.