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  1. National Lockdown

    My mum had a relapse with Cancer in June and the NHS have been fantastic throughout. UCLH havnt missed a beat with her operation, Chemo, scans, follow up appointments and now a new PARP drug. Our Local GP has been s**t, but then they are always useless. The "people" in this thread commenting on a cover up, lizard people etc etc havn't got a bloody clue.
  2. Looks good to me. I've had decent primo from PC, med tech and the old SG. I've have fake primo from SIS (test)
  3. Primobolan Lab max

    How many hours after your TRT injection did you have your bloods taken? I am on 110mg a week test. I now do daily shots using sub Q injections. However, when i did twice weekly IM injections if I drew blood 24 hours after injection then my blood was reading 86nmol. If i drew it 3.5 days after injection it read 26nmol. I used exactly the same primo last year and had no problems injecting 4ml a week of it, and I am very sensitive to gyno and Oestrogenic sides. My testosterone is Phamarcon E300 and it is very accurately dosed. If you dont want the primo send it to me!
  4. Primobolan Lab max

    What are the colours under UV light? thats the most important thing. Ive ran Pharmacon Primo before. It was always good for me.
  5. yes, i had a Pea size lump develop below the nipple and it has remained ever since. I had previously had the whole gland removed on that side due to gyno as a teenager.
  6. #The mandalorian

    Hopefully all future content is now being overseen by the guys who run this. Brilliant first season.
  7. Pharmacom test cyp

    I use their Test E 300. Bloods come back spot on every time.
  8. Lumbar spine disc replacement

    I know how you feel. My back is f**ked from Deadlifts now days
  9. TRT clinics for Health Checkup

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it. Have you got a fair amount of knowledge on full blood readings then?
  10. TRT clinics for Health Checkup

    Oh i donate blood every 12 weeks just as a matter of course really (and to be a good citizen and all that...), but the last blood test showed my HCT was at 0.514 L/L. So just over the range. I did do the test first thing in the morning and dehydrated though. I suspect I may need to drop the dose down to 90mg, which is why I was thinking of getting a check over. My ferritin was 52.6 ug/l on last check (30-400 in the range). My ferritin used to be in the 1,110s years ago which was the reason i started donating blood in the first place (before TRT).
  11. Guys, Ive been self medicating a TRT dose of 110mg per week for the past few years because ive been too lazy to bother coming off. I get regular bloods which are mostly all ok and donate blood every 12 weeks. Do any of you have experience of private TRT clinics that offer health check ups and a basic MOT of the body, heart etc? If so, can you recommend any? Thanks
  12. 300mg primo worth it

    Last couple times I ran 120mg test E and 400mg primo for 12 weeks. Gained about 4lbs lean both times. I was happy with that
  13. What cars do you drive?

    Nice, I'm down south so prefer snetterton, donny and Silverstone with the radical, then Bedford with the mx5. Donny is an immense track if you ever get a chance.
  14. What cars do you drive?

    320d - daily, Mx5 turbo - winter track car Radical- race car Its all about the race track for me.
  15. Golfers..

    look at youtube too as there will be some excellent lessons available on there. Its like trying to work on form at the gym. If you get the club squared up on the first 12 inch's of the takeaway and the last 12 inchs before impact the rest of what you do doesnt really matter. Ive seen some great golfers with some horrible swings, but their take away and impact was always spot on. The rest such as hip, shoulder rotation, weight transfer, swing tempo etc etc will come with time .