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  1. Will covid 19 go away

    “Don’t worry about your Aunt who can’t get treatment for her cancer. Her sacrifice is saving lives...just not hers. It’s for the greater good.” My mum has just been rediagnosed with cancer. Since speaking to the specialist two weeks ago she has had a CT scan, a PET scan and now has an operation booked in for a week wednesday. The turnaround speed has been immense and the NHS have been brilliant. That statement couldn't be more bollocks if it tried.
  2. pharmacon for me. Blood work shows me its always consistently dosed.
  3. Apologies, TSH I meant. Slip of the keyboard . Cool. Back up to .2ml twice a week I go then. Cheers elchapo
  4. So from the last two tests. Test one was drawn at 3 1/2 days post injection Test 34.7 nmol (12-29) Free test 0.82 nmol (0.2-0.62) E2 - 155pmol (41-159) I thought that all seemed pretty decent. I then took new bloods but at 14 hours post injection to see what the rough peak numbers looks like (and to get fasted results on other tests) Test 89.5 nmol Free test 3.11 nmol E2 - 136 pmol Also my haemocrit and haemoglobin were slightly above reference range. I've since drawn a pint of blood so should be fine there but thought I should probably lower my dose with those numbers particularly as I just want healthy TRT. What do you think? Could this be having an impact on FSH? Thanks for the input by the way. Very much appreciated
  5. Cheers elchapo B12, ferritin and vit D are all good. I've just lowered my weekly test dose from 120mg to 90mg as my test, free test and E2 numbers were coming back way too high for TRT. Hopefully that might help then.
  6. I do get tired during the day a fair amount sometimes. For example I'll lose concentration and the drive to work. I regularly take afternoon naps if I can but I've always done this and my body parts can be cold as ice, but once again I've always had this. Other than that I don't think I have any other symptoms. Anything you'd recommend or should I maybe monitor and if it progresses go and see the GP?
  7. Millionaires of UKM

    Oh definitely, i find if I take a road car on track I drive a bit easier just to not over stress the thing. If I'm driving my race car though it's balls to the walls to get the most of out it. It does however take a hell of a lot of maintenance to keep it from falling apart. I do struggle with high powered road cars on the road though. I always want to make the most of the power available but am notably going to get arrested for attempting such things.
  8. Millionaires of UKM

    Do you ever track your cars pal? With the upgrades you've done to yours I bet it would be good fun maxing it to its limit on the track
  9. hi @ElChapo Its looking like from a few blood tests that the results are pointing to subclinical hyperthyroidism. My free T3 and T4 still look fairly consistent, but the TSH is steadily increasing. Before the most recent test i started supplementing with Iodine to see if that would help. Any thoughts on trying to get my TSH level down or is it a case or maybe going to the GP and having to supplement with T3? Im currently on 120mg Test E per week. I will be dropping this down to 90mg as my Test levels came in very high on the blood test.
  10. Stocks and shares ISA

    I have a virgin stocks and shares ISA. I haven't put money in for a fair while as im trying to clear my mortgage, but whenever i do i have never been charged a fee for management or "investing" as far as i am aware. I just use the online portal and it calls it an account "top up" rather than an investment.
  11. EBay bud. Here's the descriptions.
  12. I always forget about gumtree . There wasn't much on eBay local to me so just went for new ones. With the gym (and monthly payments) on shut down for the foreseeable, I should claw my money back for these in no time
  13. In hindsight you're probably right, but the 2" weights looked decent so was happy to go for those. Had a solid workout with them today, although they might be fiddly when doing chest.
  14. I ordered some Olympic dumbells at the start of the week with 4x7.5kg and 4x10kg. The dumbells weigh about 3.5kg so can max out at 38.5kg. Can do pretty much everything from home now no problem. Total came to £150
  15. How will I live without training

    Good advice, I saw this coming and ordered some stuff to train at home this week. All arrived yesterday just in time.