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  1. Yep, you were right. Day 2 has been fun... I've been walking round like bloody quasimodo all day! Thank God it's not leg day today.
  2. TV channel packages? Recommendations please

    No worries. Glad you got it up and running
  3. Ha, I'm basically one big walking side effect. So anything I can do to minimise those, whilst getting a moderate return is a huge plus for me. Will do
  4. If it's milder on some of the other more serious sides e.g. BP, RBC, androgenic effects etc (as the review sites claim) then I can handle a bit of pip. I'll be getting bloods in 6-8 weeks too, so can compare them with what they were last week and post them up
  5. I'll keep you posted on how I get on bud. I'll try half a mil next time, lots of heat and mix it with something else. So far the pip is not to bad of I'm moving about. If I sit down for a while and get up that's when I know about it
  6. No it was before they came about. I did multiple lab max tests on most of my vials. The result for prop and primo is completely different.
  7. Cool, cheers mate. I'll give it a go
  8. Clomid and spots

    I just use the sink at night. Wet the shoulders, then lather it on. It will be dry within a couple of minutes, like drying with out a towl. Then I just go to bed. It won't wash off that way.
  9. Yea after the reviews I've been reading it definitely sounds like just putting up with the pip as in the end it's completely worth it. I can live with it no problem after the past test prop incident. I mixed it with .5ml of test yesterday but as that's the maximum I'm taking that's all I've got to mix it with haha. I'll definitely heat it for longer next time though.
  10. Clomid and spots

    I use it just before bed and let it soak in over night. Ghost recon recommended leaving it on for about 45 minutes so once applied don't wash it off for a while. I also use bio oil on the scars which helps massively with their healing. They go within weeks with bio oil where as without it would be months.
  11. Clomid and spots

    No worries. If you do have to go down the medication route i always avoided the heavy stuff and was put on tetracycline. It's an anti bacterial drug. That also done wonders for me
  12. Clomid and spots

    It will be the wild fluctuations in hormones mate. Elchapo and ghost recon recommended nizoral shampoo in the AMA a while back. I started using it myself and it cleared everything right up pretty much. Very impressed with the stuff.
  13. Hey guys Did my first pin of DHB yesterday (sg 200mg/ml) and have very noticeable pip this morning. Bending the quad is a fun challenge. It's no where near as bad as putting 2ml of test prop into each quad mind you (under the impression it was supposed to be primo. That crippled me for days). I thought I'd keep this updated as the cycle progresses in case any of you guys are interested in using DHB yourselves . The cycle is going to be 250mg test and 400mg dhb for 8-10 weeks. I'll probably split the dhb into 4 1/2ml pins and see what the pip is like next as at 1ml I'm definitely feeling it . The test is good to go following recent bloods on a cruise. Chris
  14. TV channel packages? Recommendations please

    Absolutely no idea mate. It keeps updating so not sure of the firmware version now. Yes it's originally from an APK