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  1. i am not a conspiricy type person. I dont think they are trying to track us n all that shite. What i do know is that these corps that are making the vaccine are capable of rolling out something that turns out to be bad for us. A magical jab that took months to come up with shrouded in all sorts of legal safety s**t so they cant get sued. I mean we live in the time where Boris and Trump were in charge of important things, both of these cockwombles couldnt think there way out of a slightly iffy situation even with all the adivice of thier respective cabinets. Trust what you like, get it dont get it. I'm sure it will be fine either way but dont just go and do something becasue everyone is doing it...
  2. yep. gota be honest if your going down the road anyway then do something worthwhile. 1st cycle ever was 500mg test e a week, 2 amps a week, 1 on monday morning 1 on thursday afternoon. Was it the best planned out? was I training bang on and with a diet to match? probably not for is the answer to these but regardless it was the only time i put on that kind of size in that kind of timeframe. 1st will be the best i expect so dont waste it.
  3. Quads ok? providing its skin n muscle, no fat on them? never done delts Thank you both for the help
  4. excuse the jacked images... these are the ones i am using looking at it now it doesn maybe more appear to be yellow, not orange, i dunno, pretty confusing if yellow or orange
  5. i dont even know why im complaing the switch from big thick greens to these orange ones was like night and day
  6. im flumoxed by the sizes. Maybe mine are iffy but they have an orange plastic bit and on the back say 22g... So higher the number the larger the pin?
  7. so is there something even smaller than orange 22g? sorry if off topic a bit
  8. right boys, you need to check your s**t seriously, the pictures i saw in this thread of the people who are asking others if they should do multiple compounds and this and that... Your overdoing the drug side of this btw, and underdoing the work and time part. Nether of you need anything yet. But saying that if your gona do it anway just keep it fu**ing simple
  9. whats the problem with a little estro anyway? sides?
  10. yeah ignore that 10 year comment everyone here saying your natty test lvls are great so milk it for a few, dial in the other aspects like these guys have said then IF your still into it in a big way do what you like. Just imagine though 3/4 years proper training with great diet how much much of a solid foundation you will have prior to hoppin on, the perfect storm i would say. I think the results you would see there would be much greater than just jumping on right away.
  11. Good to go lab

    only the test e 300. Im boring like that and dont really do others bits
  12. Can I donate?

    I got the works done a few weeks ago, i felt my heart beating quite a bit more than usual and this carried on a few days, being the hypercondriac type i called 111 and they told me to go to the hospital, went, it was empty got seen in like 10 mins. They did all the usual inital stuff and I told them about gear etc, they then did an ecg ever 10 mins and took like 8 vials of blood off. Spend 3 hours waiting for all the results, in the mean time ecgs carried on as did BP tests etc. Anyway, all the stuff was fine my BP was a little high but i get that when im in that 'white coat' situation, heart rate etc was all ok. And to top it off all the bloods came back and the doctor said they were very normal. Advised against the use of aas but in a sense gave me the all clear. Oh the beating was nothing more than an anxiety attack that lasted a couple of days, and once i was told how everything was 'ok' i felt fine... I will still get private bloods done at intervals but it felt good hearing that from an actual doctor that didnt seem in a rush. In short, just act like your all worried and you will get what you need
  13. Feeling sick

    are you drinking it?!