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  1. Cialis or Viagra?

    yes brian, you can get a combo tab called Super P-Force. Banging quite literally. As above have all stated the sides of viag are pretty annoying
  2. Southern ghost

    not a blast... Danny
  3. waaay to much thinking. Eat less, loose weight Eat more gain it No amount of reading others opinions is going to macigally change the law of thermodynamics. And the as for the gear part.. if it were me, just go 300mg a week and cut what you need to.
  4. Southern ghost

    yeah somthing like that, 300 a week atm
  5. 44yr old best steroid cycle

    Stupid question
  6. Southern ghost

    56 weeks in to sg test e, nothing to complain about, covered in spots but stacked
  7. i just got itchy nips reading the word dbol
  8. i was a stick until i was 22+
  9. i doubt that if you can use 50kg bells for pressing your a bad bench presser.
  10. No real gym or experience

    I think you need to eat more. simple
  11. No real gym or experience

    80kg at the moment you say, are you in a surplus or deficit, calorie wise? The simpleness of your gym matters nothing, sure things get a litte more boring quickly but I have a very simple setup in a cow shed and it fits all needs so where you train shouldnt matter.
  12. What’s your diet like

    how tall is swole? 115kg, that frame? gota be 6'2