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  1. True, I'm thinking of pre-children, wanting men to settle down. People will settle down when they're ready.
  2. Also pathetic how women think they can change men. Nobody can be changed from their true nature, and it'll only end in tears. So many men like to go out with the lads and booze it up, and their women think they can train them out of it. Waste of time, and both parties resent it.
  3. Philip Schofield

    Cheat on your wife with a much younger woman - scum. Cheat on your wife with a younger man - LGBT hero. So brave, stunning, etc. At least that's how it is for celebs, they are the new kings.
  4. Never, ever done anything for Valentine's day. I'm the Valentine equivalent of Scrooge. All the girls who were bothered about that stuff dumped me years ago, so it filters out those sorts.
  5. HS2 gets the go ahead.

    Train from Manchester to London is already very good - as is Edinburgh - Newcastle - York - Leeds - London. Leeds to London is only 2 hrs. Try getting across the country though.
  6. Racist

    Can't wait to see the racist's fury when they realise we aren't getting rid of anybody. There was some thick c**t interviewed on TV saying he voted for Brexit to stop immigration. Not immigration from the EU, he didn't mind that, he voted to leave the EU to stop immigrants coming to Britain from outside the EU...
  7. Could you knock out a gorrila?

    I hope not, but if you're going to try, better make it work or they will crush you in seconds.
  8. Years ago when working away from home in Southend with my dad we went into a local pub for a drink. It was either a gay pub or a gay night, but didn't really look around till I got to the bar and ordered a pint, then noticed a load of guys looking us up and down. They probably thought were some kind of daddy/son couple, rather than just dad and son. Fastest pint (of beer) I ever drank, then we were straight out of there.
  9. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    Same here. Used the same guy for years, every time the mortgage was up for renewal. I paid him nothing, and he got me very good deals every time.
  10. Anyone recognise this man?

    Same hairline, and looks like something he would do.
  11. WTF did I just watch?
  12. This is how apocalypses start. I've seen a few films. Also played Pandemic 2 many times, we should shut our borders.
  13. Racist

    You are allowed to have it. But people will call you out on it, same as sexist, body shaming, disablist views. Poor kids, want to be able to be hateful but now people are telling them to shut up, lol.
  14. Dettol kills the corona virus

    Because people would drink it.
  15. This isn't 1300 - 1700, they're probably not trying to invade England.