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  1. Krakow who is been?

    Spent 3 days there a couple of years ago. It was a huge heat wave! Couldn't walk 50m without dissolving into a sweaty puddle. It was nice on an evening or sat in the shade with a beer, which is very cheap. Seemed like good cafes and restaurants, too. Not sure about living there though - would depend on opportunities.
  2. Anyone actually had flu..?

    I've had things that read like flu about three times ever, in over 40 years. Fever, sweating, too cold then too hot, delirious, just lying in bed no energy, and seemed like I had just lost days. Thing is, they never lasted for more that 2 or 3 days, and everyone says it lasts for weeks.
  3. What is it with these tiny cans of beer? They only last a mouthful or two.
  4. Unfortunately, my boss is old school and has been going into the office every day himself since March, even though he just sits at his computer all day and there's no reason he can't do it from home. As soon as they say we can go back, he'll have us back.
  5. Same here. I'm working in my loft. No 2hrs travelling each day. Lunch in the garden in the sun, early finish, run or cycle. Playing lots more music, reading lots more books, watching more films. My boss is at the end of a phone, I'm getting more work done than ever before without his interference. Dreading the call to go back and have to put up with all that bullshit. Seriously thinking I want to jack it all in and live the simple life. And I have a fairly high up manager job, pretty well paid. If I wasn't getting decent pay, I'd be saying f**k that.
  6. " 'I was at a hospital where there were a few coronavirus patients and I shook hands with everybody' says Boris Johnson.
  7. Are takeaways open near you?

    Chip shop in our village is open. There's also a mobile chip van which is still coming round. Haven't noticed whether the Chinese or Curry places are open. I never use any of them anyway.
  8. Same here, although they're glued to their screens 24/7 too.
  9. It's my birthday next week. I may push the boat out and have a bath.
  10. It's a joke m80. I do wonder about those with ongoing affairs though, how can you get out and meet your amour if you're locked down?
  11. It has me, I'm hardly getting any, just stuck at home with the wife.
  12. So what do you suggest? Removing the lock down and doing what?
  13. What about these charts? Doesn't suggest 2.5x to go.
  14. Complying with the current law

    Mrs was telling about something she read on mumsnet about a nurse who was bored living on her own in her flat and was filling time by having blokes over from Tinder and shagging them, including a married man. The poster was shocked by how irresponsible she was, I was just wondering how to sign up to Tinder