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  1. Will covid 19 go away

    Why are you doing it to yourself!
  2. Gym Characters

    A young lad with no mass or evidence of previous training would come in and completely stack out hammer strength standing leg press with 25kg plates and do the shortest reps possible. Another time I saw him pick up 75kg dumbells, strap up and attempt hammer curls. Really it was more like how far back could he get his elbows in order to do the movement but fair play I never saw him again after that.
  3. Space X is a lie

    If it meant that much to these fruitcakes to prove to everyone the earth is flat they would go on a an expedition not take a mickey mouse pound land level on an plane - which proves nothing.
  4. Stone Island

    Stone Island has made its way over to America now. Never thought that would happen but isn't it practically expensive walking gear?
  5. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Been on the resistance bands since gyms shut. I've lost size and definition on quads particularly and put on a bit of fat which never happens but clients I've been working for have been throwing biscuits at me for three weeks
  6. White Shaming

    Can all you white people stop arguing
  7. White Shaming

    I notice in TV series there's a lot of derogatory use of the term white man or white woman. Even saw on a local Facebook group someone being called a white woman, by a white man. It's as if they are trying to get back at all white people for the s**t that went on with slavery in America. Also anyone see the protests in London about what has happened with this George fella....
  8. Saving for the future

    I've recommended them before, government bonds are the way to go for saving money these days. The more you put in, the greater chance you've got of earning some money which can be paid straight back in to your bonds account if you want. Savings accounts are dead now
  9. Fat people annoy me

    I am in agreement with you. I've seen people ridiculing muscular people, thin people, unintelligent people etc etc and yet warlocks get a free pass these days
  10. Fat people annoy me

    If the one time can post mug shots on their Facebook page of Petty criminals that have unusual features for everyone to laugh and take the piss out of then this thread is no worst.
  11. Have you ever thumped anyone

    Bet that is only half the story #metoo
  12. Stocks and shares ISA

    Put it in government bonds. I use NS and I for mine and you've got more chance of earning out of it than getting interest from a bank account
  13. Car buys, wait a bit or buy now?

    What is it?
  14. Therapists

    They are usually angry people with a chip on their shoulder and fragile ego's
  15. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    Coffee drinkers usually have the worst breath. I liken it to someone with a tooth infection. Grim. I will drink tea until I feel sick though