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    its an unlicensed boxing match tommy, not a tickling competition

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  1. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    Was emailed just now that mine would be shutting. I read this morning that the fitness first side of the business would be unaffected and my gym is called dw fitness first so wasn't sure what was going on. Shame really as they spent a lot of money last summer refurbing the place and buying all new equipment
  2. Sage advise Gyms close again

    All those fu**ing threads and outrage and now they're open you don't even care. I'm done with you sunshine
  3. Will covid 19 go away

    We all owe @wylde99 an apology he's been correct the whole time with 5g
  4. Conspiracy theories

    It's no use debating with these people. If they believe a group of lizard/human hybrids are running the planet then it's time to give up with them
  5. Amazon and eBay have been killing off high Street for years and now argos have stopped printing their catalogue, the writing is on the wall.
  6. Conspiracy theories

    I started replying then deleted what I wrote so you're all left with this post
  7. Working from home.

    I think corporate have had enough time to look at office vs home work productivity and if home based is nearly as efficient as office based then they will look at reducing their own overheads to increase profit.
  8. What would you do?

    Mostof them are probably thinking you should stop talking but equally they don't want to be rude
  9. Had to fill someone in last week

    I love this forum sometimes
  10. McDonald’s cutting prices

    Buy fresh ready made burgers but ball it together into a lump, blend two slices of bread into bread crumb and mix it into the meat, portion out into burgers, drizzle oil both sides, salt pepper and fry until brown then add butter to the pan and baste the hot butter over the burger meat until cooked. Anything else will be s**t in comparison
  11. Aliens

    If aliens didn't build the pyramids, then we've gone backwards as a race
  12. It's like the basic bitch pose with a glass of wine in one hand, and tilting the head at an angle so the hair hangs down on one side
  13. I laughed at this more than the last time you posted it
  14. Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Believe it or not theres a way to pose topless on a bodybuilding forum and this is the only way not to do it. @anna1 will destroy you
  15. Mortgage application & gambling?

    They will see it as a potential liability when it comes to repayments as gambling can get out of control and its also not a guaranteed income