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    its an unlicensed boxing match tommy, not a tickling competition

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  1. I am intrigued to know whether kids from poor families in the 70s and 80s went without more than they do now? Even the scummy parents can afford to smoke, drink and run a contract phone but I wouldn't hesitate in saying that the money spent on those things mean their kids are not getting the best possible care
  2. Golden era

    I'm not debating the progression of doses through the years, but a few years ago I read that the guys in the 60s were doing no more than 40mg of dianabol a day. I'm sure if lou ferrigno thought Arnold was doing 40mg, he would do double and that is the evolution of performance enhancer dosages I spose
  3. Golden era

    Not that I'm debating for the sake of it, I had to do a bit more research on my theory and this was a quote from the creator of dianabol, speaking of Olympic competitor steroid usage. That protocol you posted up was very low dosages and I doubt many stuck to the dosages given. I'm not saying they didn't taper up and down but the question is, how high did they taper up?
  4. Golden era

    Simple yes but low amounts, I'm not sure about that. They knew all the stuff helped them grow but didn't have the knowledge of long term side effects so they would have had the mentality more=bigger
  5. The early days of the Internet

    When Google search got released I thought it was another flash in the pan website. Napster when it was great and eventually all they had was the chat rooms because all downloads got blocked. Mirc was the first online chat site I used and thought it was mental that you could talk to Americans - now you can't get away from the f**kers. Microsoft chat with the comic book style format and then hormones kicked in
  6. Online Coaching

    Off topic but I think it with Eddie Abbew who coached that jodie Marsh sort for her TV show.
  7. The ones who do this are usually career baby makers. They make a living out of producing crotch fruit and receiving benefits
  8. Owning a bar?

    If he's born in 1966 that will make him about 74
  9. If it causes so many issues why aren't surgeons using air fed masks?
  10. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    Mask wearing should have come in years ago. Long before this virus came out
  11. Viagra connect

    100mg prop eod, cialis eod, cabergoline .5mg e4d and pt141 Decimate all
  12. Viagra connect

    You boys doing coke and viagra Rip
  13. Hows my deadlift form?

    Absolutely spot on
  14. Progress pics, is diet ok?

    What ever it is you are doing. Double it
  15. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    You boys haven't got a clue what people on the front line have to comply with. If they reckon im going in customers houses like this they can f**k off