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  1. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Too many biftas and Michael Crichton books....
  2. You introduce more money and then all the money is worth less. The machine of finances needs every cog to work and at the moment several of them are missing. What do you do? If you need the bare minimum ie utilities and food - that costs money, we can't pay for it and the government are already in massive debt so the only thing is to make more money, give it to the general public so they can survive. Trouble is that money will either cause massive inflation or more likely, we will be paying it back for years either by taxation or vat hikes.
  3. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Bro do you even lift
  4. Cv-19 when will it pass

    What do you do for a living
  5. Cv-19 when will it pass

    You've watched demolition man and total recall one too many times.
  6. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Any danger of getting this in bullet points? I'm self employed and it's affecting us financially more than anything but until it turns into mad max out there and I start putting aris fencing over the windows on my civic with road pins sticking out from the bumper, I will stay at home because for all I know I could have it without knowing, casually go round my old dears house that could have diminishing respitory efficency from years of cleaning with iffy products that are probably banned now, and pass that s**t on to her and she won't be so lucky. If I am prepared to do that then so should everyone else.
  7. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Many of the UK population still do not understand. Keep away from ANYONE that is not in your own household. Just yesterday I saw the neighbours son and daughter turn up in different cars and both go inside the house. Behaviour like this will result in proper Italy and China style lock down. I think the government are trying to do it yet give us enough freedom in order to carry out essential tasks, but people see that as a ticket to do what the f**k they like. Morons
  8. Lockdown lark

    They should ban trampolines during isolation. Its the only fu**ing thing I can hear
  9. Clap For The NHS

    Someone on the neighbourhood fb page said shame on anyone who didn't clap and let's hope you never need the NHS help. I said yes I don't support the NHS because I didn't stand there clapping
  10. We all have to Self isolate at our house.

    The issue is he can still pass it on, and could pass it on to someone that doesn't know they have health problems.
  11. Because they were charging a fiver for a loaf of bread.
  12. I'm gonna be doing high rep resistance band work
  13. Gyms ordered to close by Government

    Hopefully shoot to kill on anyone seen outside their property boundry
  14. Gyms ordered to close by Government

    And after this is over and done with I'm never leaving the house incase I get run over by a bus
  15. Cycle help required

    The issue is an imbalance between A and C