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    its an unlicensed boxing match tommy, not a tickling competition

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  1. Sitting.

    Sitting destroys the glutes.
  2. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    I won't watch the latest film. It became a cash cow after the second one.
  3. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    Utah used to be under water, parts of the desert has fossils of sea creatures in it. We are speeding up the inevitable and when skynet becomes self aware, climate change will be the least of your worries. The robots will be wiping out their creator - thereby eliminating the problem
  4. Remortgage and extension

    The only impact will be the extra interest on top of the extra monthly payments. There are many variables so difficult to say but as been stated look at house prices in the area
  5. Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    Makes sense when he already has the world record in the John lift
  6. Auto trader alternatives.

  7. How much is the site worth?

    Who was this guy as there are no "lovely chaps" on here
  8. How much is the site worth?

    Alan's thread alone is worth a tenner of anyone's money
  9. How are we here (srs)?

    "They" have little knowledge of how ancient buildings were put together yet can explain the creation of life by using one word - evolution. I believe there were many types of pre historic humans that eventually cross bred to create what we have become now which is a form of evolution, but I'm not convinced these pre historic humans came from apes, and before that were fish with legs etc etc so It's a good question with no 100% certain answer
  10. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    You're right it is like that joke
  11. Sex with 18 year old girls??

    It depends on how you say it. Sex with 18year old girls is fine Sex with 18 year old girls is not
  12. Zero deposit rental

    Didn't know they existed as I thought the deposit was security for the landlord incase you tucked him up at the end of the tenancy
  13. How to invest 20k for most return

    Can put it in government bonds
  14. House buying question

    I lived in a town that was growing daily and becoming more expensive so we looked half hour out of area and got a house that would have cost 100k more where I lived. That was 5 years ago and now house prices have shot up where I live now as people have started to do what I did back when we were looking.