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  1. Laser tattoo removal without cover up?

    It's likely to need a lot if it's a tribal piece being solid black, looking at around 10-15 sessions realistically, so 12-18 months. Have you got a picture?
  2. Laser tattoo removal without cover up?

    I actually do this for a living. Full removal is possible if it's all black, how long it takes is down to the size and density of the tattoo. Most can be fully removed in 10-12 sessions unless it's colourful. That said, most of my customers are having laser so they can have a better tattoo in its place without it looking like a coverup check out my gallery for an idea of results www.clearlase.co.uk
  3. Triumph labs.....

    Every so often he disappears, only to reappear bigger than ever haha. He's probably too busy shagging.
  4. Triumph labs.....

    I've used triumph for years, spot on stuff. Just reaching the end of my last bottle and no longer in touch with them.