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  1. Looking at getting a 2011 astra 1.4

    I've got a 14 plate astra all be its a 2.0cdti Sri got to be honest it's a good car , they handle well are comfortable but one thing that pisses me off is the wind noise at motorway speeds. Only trouble I would say with a 1.4 is its pulling a 1500kg plus car
  2. I find running tren at a 2.1 ratio with test ( tren being higher) gives me far less sides
  3. Thanks @Miki_Cro_94 Im going for 150mg test e pw for 6-8 weeks then onto test e, deca dont plan to compete for another 18 months so plan to use this time to.add as muscle tissue as possible
  4. Thanks mate that's what I have gone for, give me body a well earned rest
  5. Looking for a new training partner Bridgend/Cardiff area
  6. Pre-workout Logging Opportunity

    Hi I would like an opportunity to log wildthing, has used most stim based pre workouts in the past and am current caffeine free so would be a perfect time to assess the strength of the product
  7. Which option do people think would be the best balance for health/tissue gain So run ttm at 50/100/100 eod up to comp for 6 weeks before that did 16 week cruise @ 250mg test e we Option 1 Drop to 150mg test e pw for 6 weeks get bloods back healthy and take advantage of the rebound then go onto 500mg test e 300mg deca 300mg we for 12 weeks Option 2 Straight onto 500mg test e deca/eq Would the extra drugs be best used after the short cruise period?
  8. @ElChapo Im competeing this Saturday currently running test tren mast at 50 100 100 eod, post show im looking at gaining maximum tissue Im looking to run test e at 500mg Npp at 300mg Hgh at 6iu m/w/f split doses pre workout and pre bed Novorapid at 5iu pre and post Im looking to do this cycle for 8 weeks Does this sound ok, is there anything you would add/subtract. Ai will be on hand but generally at 500mg yes my e2 are in range
  9. Does GH necessarily cause an elevated BG?

    Paul if using this protocol with 6iu would you split the dose?
  10. Thanks for this mate much appreciated
  11. An Insight into Prep and Competing

    Thanks for the link mate good read, i think the best course of action may just be to battle it out and stay away from them as much as possible. Up to now i have limited myself to 1 can/bottle a day