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  1. From what i have read under 2iu a shot shouldnt impact on the negative feedback loop?
  2. I am looking to combine hgh and peptides to get a larger overall gh release without shutting down natural production. I am thinking of doing Ghrp2/mod at sat dose followed by 1.8iu of hgh 15 mins later Im going to run this am and pm Dose this sound about right?
  3. DLTBB's UK-M Log - Volume II

    Can you keep us updated on how digestion holds up, im exactly the same if i push food after 6/8 weeks my digestion gets horrible so this approach my be one ill use when back on a lean bulk
  4. If using hgh on a 5/2 protocol i.e monday>friday would it then be worth using ghrp2 and mod on saturday/sunday to amplify your own natural gh?
  5. Metformin

    From articles i have read it seems equally as effective as metformin without some of the sides
  6. How many calories

    What flavour would this be?
  7. FREE samples of Unleash The Beast

    My honest review of the product, Taste: - i quite liked the taste of this, almost like sherbet and not chemically tasting unlike some on the market Energy: - Did notice a boost in energy but nothing to write home about however i am very stim tolerant Pump;- Had a good pump but for me i enjoy a pre that has Hydromax for pumps as i find that works best Overall: - I thought the product was ok and did what it said on the tin, that being said i don't see the usp of this product or why people would choose this over a known brand as the price point is largely the same
  8. Does not effect my appetite at all can literally walk out of the gym and eat. Sleep wise though it will stop me sleeping if taken with 4-6 hours of bed i find
  9. Ok thanks, would you need anymore than that if having a high carb day? when is the best time to take it, post workout meal?
  10. Protein : chicken, turkey, lean pork mince, salmon, cod Carbs : Potato, rice, oats, fruit Fats : EVOO, nut butters, nuts
  11. So what would be your protocol 500mg metformin per 50g carb for eg?
  12. @ElChapo been doing some reasearch on GDA's lately i.understand what they are meant to do but by what mechanism are they doing it, are they using glut4 to lower blood sugar levels?
  13. Tbh not sure what the carrier oil is
  14. I have been using sg tren e this the last 6 weeks never had an issue with pip Have had issues with gear crashing does go back in once warmed up but it's a pita