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  1. What brand may I ask?
  2. Well certainly out of your system a lot quicker than cyp and gets you quicker recovery, anyway I wouldn’t be doing prop for 12 weeks, 8 weeks is fine for me on prop Ester, I find gains slow after 6 week anyways
  3. Depends on Brand, I’ve had prop before pip free
  4. Straight in ur system, no waiting 4 weeks plus for cyp or enth and straight out ur system, Pct 3 days later, recover faster, gain faster. Always seem to feel mentally better on it..
  5. Hi guys, not used gear for 2 n half years, wanting to get on a test prop course. Still have a couple in date vials left and needing more, I have taylormade pharma which was bang on the money on previous cycles, however it seems its no longer? What’s the go to gear these days guys? High rated brands
  6. As title says, nothing from var only cycle 3 weeks and 4 days in at 100mg a day, from Aurora labs, a lab I couldn't find any feedback on but from an alleged good source and all his other gear is bang on Basically what I'm asking is, for some people has anavar taken this long to kick in or is it just fully bunk? No strength increase, no weight increase or measurement increases, no lowered sex drive, no pumps, no nothing However my mood has been lowered with an Increase in anxiety - perhaps from shut down? Maybe it's just really underdosed but still enough to shut me down or maybe completely unrelated