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  1. No effort at all, pal, if you're naturally one for priapic prose like me.
  2. That's some glorious assumptions... glad I could've been of service
  3. You could probably grow a pair in those massive knickers you're wearing. Sooner or later she'll notice a severe lack of bulge in your pants and the secret's out. For a time, your life will become a living hell. You will get a range of emotions thrown at you - shock, disbelief, anger, etc. Then she will own you. There will be tears. This will be followed by 'the silent treatment'. You should enjoy the peace and quiet, as any man would, but you won't; you'll mooch round her like a booted puppy. In big knickers. She'll eventually get bored of this game and move to the next. A happy reunion ensues, your foolishness forgiven. At this point you'll sell the car for her, convinced it's for the best. But she'll throw you a 1.2-litre 8-valve sized bone, and with the extra savings it makes good sense. You'll continue as the junior partner and buy her dream house together, and live happily ever after. Until she leaves you, for a man. You're in real danger of becoming her puppy... someone she can train to just how she wants, someone she can love. But just like a real puppy, you eventually grow tired of the whiny little sh!tbag and it's into the canal in a weighted sack. It doesn't have to be like that my friend. You can become a man. For a woman needs a man - you've seen single women? Same gender preferers and cat lovers the lot of them. There's a reason they're single, and women know it. This is your moment to step up, to be the MAN she desperately yearns for, subconsciously. Tell her you'll take her for a spin as long as she sucks you off. Then demonstrate the car's dynamic prowess down some country lanes before pulling over and sodomising her over the nicely warmed bonnet. Good advice that. Take it, it's free.
  4. Buying Luxury Watch

    This. We are also very insecure, needy, self-congratulatory and in pursuit of the highest form of vanity We are bodybuilders. We are the ones who are the needy and emotionally unstable. Stay away from fitness gym whores. You can't let the fitness whore take it away from you.
  5. BMW 650i or 550i owners

    I'm looking at examples around £12,000, and £600 per year for a pretty comprehensive warranty I'd love a C63 AMG coupe in a couple of years, epic cars, but right now I want to tick the Bangle box
  6. BMW 650i or 550i owners

    Exactly my way of thinking Is this Mumsnet or UK Muscle? Given the choice and funds, I don't know why anyone would plump for a diesel over a naturally-aspirated V8 or V10 etc
  7. BMW 650i or 550i owners

    The narrow diesel powerband and soundtrack does nothing for me. I like my engines to sing sweet music Fortunately, fuel and road tax isn't an issue
  8. BMW 650i or 550i owners

    Thanks, that's interesting I don't run any of my cars on a shoestring and I'm probably the most thorough owner of a car you could find. I take pride in maintaining my cars and following servicing schedules to a T 650i/550i brake sets are different to the M cars and do cost almost half the price. I'll also be running it with an auc warranty and it certainly won't be a peanuts example
  9. BMW 650i or 550i owners

    The 2nd page of that link says it's easily prevented by correct maintenance every two years, not much of a problem if you're pedantic like me There's also a lot of owners saying they're running their V8s over 150k miles with no problems at all Interesting. I've not come across any threads yet regarding timing chains
  10. BMW 650i or 550i owners

    Unlucky owner tbh. Just read a lot of 650i/550i posts on PistonHeads and it was the antithesis; for the most part they're a reliable unit. That issue has happened on 330i/530i/630i cars too I could opt for the M5/M6 V10, but as a daily it would be ridiculous with 12-15mpg and the worry of rod bearing failure (£10k-15k fix), SMG pump failures, brake discs at £2.5k all round every 12,000 miles etc etc etc. High maintenance divas. It's a grey area whether the rod bearing failure will be covered under warranty too - many don't. What I like about the 650i/550i is they offer 90% of the M5/M6 real-world performance with 24-27mpg and the same consumables as the rest of the 5 Series range Plus I think the Bangle styling has finally come of age
  11. Anyone on here own/owned an E63 650i coupe or E60 550i M Sport saloon? What are your impressions? They're representing incredible value for money now and are barge-tastic. Tick all my boxes for the next daily Ideally I want a post-LCI model, but willl settle for pre-LCI if the right spec and colour Thanks
  12. Lee Priest at 13 years old!

    It's all supreme muscle building genetics, hard work, supreme AAS/hormone responder and no underdosed rubbish He's said the same thing for years and years regarding his dosages, even 20 years ago. Stick me and a basketball playing 22-year-old Phil Heath on exactly the same training plan, intensity, nutrition, aas/hormone protocol and he will blow up better than me. Look at some semi-pro NPC training partners of the IFBB Pros and their muscular difference... because they're taking very similar compounds and dosages Receptor saturation occurs once you go above 3500mg per week total aas. Talk to anyone who's cycled 1500-2000mg and 5000mg total and I guarantee you they will see "Actually, you know what, I gained better from the former"
  13. Imo, he would be wise to move on and focus on being healthy going forward At 52 years old, his legs will never get back to what they were 20 years ago - no matter how much hormones/aas. Once the sweep is gone, it's gone His upper body - while still fvcking phenomenal - will at best only be 80% of what it was and he'll keep on picking up injuries and tendon damage pushing it at that age
  14. 4.2tdi V8 vs 3.0tdi V6 opinions?

    Volkswagen do a lovely 5.0-litre V10 TDI for the Phaeton (309bhp/553lb ft), as well as a 6.0-litre W12 petrol I'd quite like either of those. Hubba
  15. Because after all the hype and promotion he couldn't just pull out - that would've been even more of a disaster and would've ruined his main reason for doing this; promotion of his own product line and the extra monumental interest in this year's Olympia I'm sure Kevin won't lose any sleep over it... He did what no other 52-year-old Bodybuilder could do, got private jet transportation for a few days, earned a sh!t tonne of $$$$ in the process and got a lot of respect in Pro Bodybuilding for his 5-6 month transformation I find it even more astonishing that he went through this and still looked awesome on stage for his age