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  1. deleting account

    Looks like I will have to post something that will get me banned Will pm the admins abuse Sorted
  2. deleting account

    How do I delete my account can't find the option anywhere ?
  3. I meant 100kg Some weird people on here can't even answer a simple question
  4. 100g do you mean 50kg each side or so you include the weight of the bar ?
  5. my shoulders won't grow

    I trained shoulders yesterday morning I took your advice I did lateral raises high reps 4 sets of 25 reps Today I can actually see some difference my shoulders seem a bit fuller I'm not sure if it's the pump still there but there seems to be a difference that I have not felt / seen for a long time It's the first time I have done very high reps I have done 15 reps before but not 25
  6. No it would be the opposite. This is one of the androgenic effects of steroids as high red blood cells would increase the body's oxygen carrying capacity facilitating better workouts . This is one of the reasons some professional cyclists inject EPO.
  7. Your grammar was correct Sharpen YOUR pins is correct
  8. When donating blood usually one pint is taken so roughly one tenth of the amount of blood in an adult . So what he is presuming is by having one tenth less blood for about one day and he is assuming one tenth less cortisol for one day would have such a dramatic effect on his myself building abilities . Sounds ludicrous and even more ludicrous given that if the body detects less cortisol than usual it would just make more to compensate .
  9. Lol His blood volume would be back to normal within hours
  10. Bloat again

    Have you been diagnosed by your endo as requiring trt. If so he should take you off the gels if you ask him to .Tell your endo that the gels are causing you to come out in a rash or they make you itch like mad . He will have to take you off them in this case and will have to switch you over to injections like sustanon or nebiido
  11. Tell your doctor you have severe low test symptoms that your libido is zero . Tell your gp that when you ejacuate their is no ejacuate fluid this can happen with low test . Tell your gp your sex drive is do low that it is now affecting your marriage / relationship and your are beginning to get depressed / suicidal . Your doctor will then take you seriously
  12. Borderline Testosterone Question

    If you was to do this and your doctor referred you to endo would then run another set of bloods which would be more comprehensive including fsh and lsh. These levels would then show that you have been injecting steroids . Endos tend to be more clued up these days with what's going on as more and more people are abusing steroids then needing trt.
  13. my shoulders won't grow

    Still don't think that would make any difference